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We Are An Accredited School For Tantra!

We are proud and honored to announce that as of Dec. 8th, 2017, The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education has been accredited by The American College of Sexology International as an approved training Institute in the field of Sexology.


“An ACS Certified Institute Program has the credentials that qualify them to offer training related programs in Human Behavior, Public Health, Sex Education, Sexological Hypnosis, Relationship Coaching, Love Coaching, Intimacy Coaching or Sex Coaching, Sexology, Erotology, Somatic, Esoteric, Alternative Lifestyle or Adult Toys and Novelties.”


This means that graduates of our Authentic Tantra Certification program meet the necessary requirements to apply to become an ACS Certified Sexuality Educator:

“An ACS Certified Sex Educator will have credentials that qualify them to offer instruction, training, and education in the field of human sexuality and sexology, such as professors and instructors, love coaches, sex coaches, seminar speakers, book authors and workshop facilitators. Competency must be demonstrated through academic and/or experiential training or equivalent in Sex Education.”


*Your certificate will refer to you as Certified Sexologist.

Successful completion of our Tantra Certification Program from 2016 onward, meets their standards for Academic or Professional Development Training in the field of Sexology.


Please note that upon graduation students will still need to apply and pay for their individual membership to ACS.


In a field in which there are varying degrees of credibility isn’t it nice to know you are receiving instruction from an accredited school for Tantra?


Find out more about the American College of Sexology International and see our updated listing on their site!

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