Welcome to the Authentic Tantra Certification Program! 


This is not just a professional training program. This is a path of personal and spiritual realization.


Imagine having a career that was also a life calling.


Imagine being trained and qualified to facilitate others in healing their deepest wounding and reclaim more of their potential in life.


Imagine being an inspirational leader in your community by embracing your own journey of self-healing and self-empowerment.

Authentic Tantra Certification

Our mission

We believe that healing for each individual happens from the inside out.


We believe that by healing and empowering the individual, we heal, empower and awaken our planet.


We call all who are ready to join our mission — to heal the fracture between sexuality and spirituality.


Join us in awakening, educating, and inspiring humanity to fulfill their greatest potential through the Ancient Yoga of Tantra.

Registration for the 2019 Authentic Tantra Certification Class Ends September 1st, 2018!


Please review the curriculum below and schedule your consultation before September 1st, 2018 in order to participate in the 2019 Tantra Certification Program.

What makes this Tantra Certification program unique?

Authentic Tantra Certification Program


This is the most comprehensive program you will find in the field of Tantra education, combining the most advanced energy healing practices from the Tibetan Tantric and Taoist traditions, with the best contemporary approaches to trauma release.



While becoming a coach for others you will be evolving spiritually, transforming the root causes of what’s holding you back from living your fullest potential. Experience growth and expansion which you can use to help others.

tantra certification program


The Tibetan Five Element Tantric Teachings of this modality stem from an unbroken lineage of teachers dating back 2600 years. The Authentic Tantra modality is endorsed by Lama Tashi Dundrup of the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage.

Authentic Tantra Retreats


Authentic Tantra is associated with external resources though our multi-disciplinary team.

Authentic Tantra Training


You will be a part of our ongoing community and gain access to continued education after your certification.



Opportunity to build a business and a lifestyle in a world where more and more people are waking up and desire to heal.



Group sessions are taught live, facilitating an interactive learning process where you build relationships with your teachers and peers.



Two mandatory retreats ensure the high quality integration of your skills and understanding through experiential learning in a supportive environment.



This program is RICH in direct, in-person coaching hours, ensuring you’re supported in your learning process though direct contact with your primary teacher.



This is the only accredited Tantra Certification Program in North America.

Click below to find out more about our ACS accreditation!

What is Authentic Tantra®?

Authentic Tantra® is a unique style of Tantra in the West.


It is a rare form of yogic practice in which the Tibetan 5 Element Practices are applied as a sexual healing modality, for the purpose of catalyzing profound transformation of body, mind, and spirit.


Practicing Authentic Tantra awakens the innate potential for healing that is embedded in human sexuality when it is honored as integral to our sacred, human existence and practiced with awareness, compassion, and loving-kindness.


The modality is based on ancient and contemporary knowledge about how socio-cultural conditioning causes emotional, mental and physical suffering, specifically in the area of sexuality.


In this context “sexuality” is understood as a fundamental part of human existence, including but not limited to genital stimulation and arousal, our feelings, needs, belief systems, and how we relate to our selves and others.


Socio-cultural conditioning shapes the way we think, feel and act. At its core is the ignorance that comes with the idea of separation; We believe that our body is separate from our thinking and feeling, that our sexuality is separate from all things sacred, that as individuals we are separate from other beings and from our environment.


In the area of sexuality, ignorance leads to some of the most outspread, violent and many-layered sources of suffering.

“Their work is so desperately needed”


“The content that Devi and her team create–videos, articles, blogs–is filled with so much; the useful knowledge, tools, care, realness and the joy they present them with have me excited and curious to learn more. I am so grateful that they are in the world sharing their gifts for us all to benefit from; their work is so desperately needed.”


Jeff James Howard MA
Reichian Somatic Therapy for Adults and Couples
Three Leaves Counseling

“Her teachings can help transform a woman’s relationship to her body and her sexuality.”


“Devi is a sexual educator with the gift of helping women to get in touch with the most sacred part of themselves. She has an incredible ability to make women feel safe as they explore their cultural programming about their bodies and their sexuality. Her teachings can help transform a woman’s relationship to her body and her sexuality.


In addition, they can help transform a woman’s sexual relationship with a loved one. I applaud Devi for her work, her workshops, her book, and her courage to step out of the cultural norm and into a sacred healing path that can profoundly increase the quality of women’s lives.”


Dr. Laurie Steelsmith N.D., L.Ac.
Co-author of Great Sex, Naturally and Natural Choices for Women’s Health

Authentic Tantra® combines the following practices:


  • The Tibetan 5 Element Practices for healing body, mind, spirit and sex
  • Taoist Sexual Yoga Practices from a 5,000-year-old tradition
  • Tantric Movement Practices for healing and awakening more pleasure
  • Non-Violent Communication for cultivating profound empathy and compassion
  • Somatic/Tantric Healing Principles for healing sexual and emotional trauma
  • Contemporary cutting-edge knowledge of sexuality, trauma and holistic healing


We offer the only accredited Tantra Certification Program in North America!


Click here to find out more about our ACS accreditation.

View from the Lama

“I want to say that the teachers of this course have my full support. The transmission of the Five Elements is authentic from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as they have stated in their advertising and is completely applicable to any healing modality including sexual. Sexual transmission of the 5 element methods are used in Tibetan Buddhist Tradition in special circumstances. Here in the west, they are applied to people generally. This course offers instruction in authentic Tibetan Buddhist practices, woven into this sexual healing modality. It is a valid certification program.”

Lama Tashi Dundrup ~ Shangpa Kagyu
Kauai Dharma Center

 Authentic Tantra® Certification is a comprehensive program spanning 2 years:


YEAR #1 –  The first portion of your training consists of completing the prerequisite 12 session Tantra Mastery one-on-one coaching program.


This personal one-on-one Tantra coaching program introduces you to the methods of Authentic Tantra and builds a stable foundation for your professional certification training the following year.


***Please note this portion of your training should be happening NOW and must be completed (or started) by August 1st, 2018 to be eligible for early registration!




Apply for your free consultation below!
YEAR #2- This portion of your training consists of 11 months of the most complete sexual and non-sexual tantric training available in North America.


This extensive 11-month tantra certification program deepens your comprehension of and competency in the practice of Authentic Tantra®.


Building upon the practices you learned in the 12 session mastery training, this tantra certification program gives you the knowledge, tools, and guidance to be an effective and successful Tantra Coach.




Early Registration for the 2019 Certification Program opens August 1st, 2018.


You must have completed (or started) your 12 session training by 8/1/18 in order to qualify for our early registration bonus offers (scroll down to payment info for details)

Authentic Tantra Certification Program

Get Updates About The 2019 Authentic Tantra® Certification Program!

This Tantra Certification program is for you if…


  • You are looking for a Tantra Certification program with a deep level of authenticity


  • You want to establish a holistic Tantra coaching business that is grounded in your own



  • You want to help others heal and transform their sexuality



  • You are committed to personal and spiritual growth



  • You yearn to embody the sacredness of sexuality and share that with others



  • You thrive when you feel fully supported, both personally and professionally



  • You want to help transform this planet


This Tantra Certification program is not for you if…


  • Your cup is already full


  • You want a theory course on Tantra rather than an embodied experience



  • You are not ready to dive deep and explore the process of healing



  • You don’t like mixing sexuality with spirituality



  • You aren’t on a path of personal growth



  • You aren’t committed to transformation



  • You aren’t ready or willing to put in the work


About The Authentic Tantra Certification Program…

This program is a personal journey of self-healing and development that involves coming face-to-face with and transcending your own blocks in the area of sexuality.   This is what makes you a practitioner of competence and integrity – by having an embodied understanding of how the methods work.   This program is specifically designed for those who feel called to learn this sexual healing modality for the purpose of healing and alleviating the worldwide epidemic of sexual ignorance, suffering, and pain.

Your Tantra Certification program includes:


11 months of the most in-depth sexual and non-sexual Tantric Training available in North America.

More than 17 hours of individual coaching and over 140 hours of group training

440+ hours of self-study

Two 5 day all-inclusive retreats***

Two textbooks with all your written course material and workbook exercises

Two year access to an online learning library with exclusive video instruction of our licensed Tantric healing techniques***

Two year access to an online learning library with the most recent medical studies on sexuality and trauma healing***

Complete blueprints of workshops, coaching programs and marketing support to help you launch your practice upon graduation

The continual support of experienced teachers

Unique access to the Lama who has sanctioned the application of the Tibetan Five Element Tantric Practices in this modality for sexual healing.

A full year follow up with continued learning and peer support as you build your coaching business

Opportunities to partner with the Teacher Trainer team after certification

Becoming part of a group of people who support each other in a shared mission: To reunite sexuality and spirituality on this planet

Here’s a quick overview of the program layout.


The Authentic Tantra Certification program consists of 4 Modules:


Module One ~  Begins January 1st, 2019 and runs to the end of June 2019. Module One is conducted long distance via Zoom.


Module Two ~  5 day Tantra retreat. The exact dates will be announced August 2018, but they are usually the first weekend of July.


Module Three ~ August 1st – October 31st, 2019 resume long distance coaching via Zoom


Module Four ~ Your final 5 day Tantra Certification retreat. These dates will be the around the second weekend of November.


Please review the Authentic Tantra Certification class Syllabus for a detailed overview of the curriculum for each Module.


 *** Retreat are included as part the early registration bonus only.
Authentic Tantra Certification Program

What is the cost?

Module 1: group & individual sessions ($5800+ value)
authentic tantra training


Full year of licensing & continuing education ($300+ value)
authentic tantra certification program


Module 2: retreat ($5000+ value)
learning library


Online learning library ($700+ value)***


Module 3: group & individual sessions ($3000+ value)
Sex Toys for Tantra - pleasure package


Pleasure package ($100 value)
authentic tantra retreat


Module 4: retreat ($5000+ value)
Tantra materials


Textbooks with all practices and coaching blueprints (priceless)

TOTAL VALUE of the PROGRAM = $19,700+

Your Tuition = $9500 USD!


 $1000 credit applied when you complete the 12 session program prerequisite = $8500 USD one-time fee  

* Financing plan is available. Please see our downloadable syllabus for more details Please note: prices reflect the 2018 Tantra Certification Program and may be subject to change.

 Are you Canadian? We have special exchange rates for Canadians to make things more affordable. Contact us for more info!

Early registration opens August 1st, 2018 and includes the following bonuses:


  • The cost of accommodations (room & board) for your Summer and Fall retreat! That’s an added value of about $1,500 per retreat!*
  • Guaranteed placement in the 2019 program


*The cost of instruction during both retreats is included in your tuition.


We only accept 20 Certification students per year and we currently have 300 people on our waiting list, so the sooner you confirm your placement in the program for next year, the better!


You must have completed (or started) your 12 session Tantra Mastery Training by August 1st, 2018 in order to qualify for early registration!


Get started on your 12 session program today!

Get Updates About The 2019 Authentic Tantra Certification Program!

What will you get from being Certified?

Authentic Tantra® is a holistic healing modality that can be easily integrated into a wide range of other disciplines. Examples of compatible disciplines include:

    • Life Coaching
    • Counseling
    • Medical Practice
    • Psychotherapy
    • Massage Therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Energy Healing Work
    • Acupuncture
    • Theta Healing
    • Ayurveda
    • Sexology / Somatic Sexual Healing
    • Marriage and Family Therapy

Authentic Tantra™ methods will enhance any other alternative or conventional healing modality.

Authentic Tantra® practices can help address issues such as:


  • Porn addiction, and other forms of addiction
  • Performance anxiety, ED and PE caused by stress or trauma
  • Vaginal pain and anorgasmia from stress or trauma
  • Loss of libido and sexual disempowerment
  • Loss of intimacy in relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Emotional, sexual and spiritual trauma


By the end of your Tantra Certification training you will be prepared to support individuals and couples when you start your business as a Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner, as well as run group classes and workshops.

View the Authentic Tantra Certification course content and design by downloading our Syllabus!

Authentic Tantra Certification Program

Read what our previous graduates have to say about the Authentic Tantra Certification Program!

“Taking this course has helped me find deeper peace and meaning in my life”


“Devi Ward’s Tantra Certification Program is absolutely amazing. Taking this course has enriched my life personally and deepened my practice of Tantra and my work.
Devi is an amazing teacher and coach. She is knowledgeable, supportive, patient, and passionate about empowering people with Tantra. Taking this course has helped me find deeper peace and meaning in my life, given me profound tools for self-connection and for connecting with lovers and clients alike. This is a life-changing program.”


Margret H.
Certification Graduate

“Saying yes to this certification has been an amazing gift to myself.”

“The treasures accessible within the Tibetan Tantra Certification Program offer a richness and proficiency for those yearning to support humanity through the art of embodied sexual and spiritual potential.
The transformation you will experience throughout this program will undoubtedly deepen your relationship to pleasure, and expand your ability to experience the sacred and creative life force within your body.
When is it NOT worth it to invest in a more intimate satisfaction with life itself?! Saying yes to this certification has been an amazing gift to myself, and a potent choice for my career!”


Leigh W.
Certification Graduate

“My experiences with my clients has been so rewarding!”


“I wanted to express my gratitude to Devi, Lama Tashi and all of you wonderful Tantrikas! My experiences with my clients has been so rewarding!
It is so wonderful to know I am fulfilling my soul promise and purpose in this life!
I have my first Skype client next week. :)”



Alana D.
Certification Graduate

“I feel a kind of emotional steadiness that I have not felt since I was a child.”

“Devi is a beautiful person and an incredible teacher. I consider it a great fortune to have her in my life. When I began looking for a Tantra Teacher I was scared and excited. I knew that I wanted someone who was going to be open and kind and who would have great respect for my boundaries. I settled on Devi as my teacher and proceeded to take her 90 Day Tantra Training and then went on to be certified in Tibetan Tantra. It was the right decision.

The 2014 Tibetan Tantra Certification Retreat was a life changing experience. I came away from it having formed incredible bonds with the other 5 graduates, who I consider my sisters and who offer me genuine love and support.
I left with the necessary knowledge and experience to incorporate Tibetan Tantra into my everyday life, and to teach others to do the same. I feel a kind of emotional steadiness that I have not felt since I was a child. And, I love having the capacity to find the most pleasure in every moment of my life.
Thank you, Devi, for bringing these wonderful practices into my world. I love you!”


Alaina S.
Certification Graduate

“…it has truly been life-changing in so many ways.”


“I was initially drawn to the program to gain new tools and a framework for my healing and coaching practice. But from the very first moment I connected with Devi I realized the real journey was the healing work I’d be doing with myself.
After years of personal and spiritual development, I had let go of many of the blocks that had held me back. But I knew there were still “issues in my tissues” and this was a path of healing I had been asking for to take myself to the next level. As I began to practice each of the four pillars—meditation, movement, connection and pleasure—I began to feel more free, more empowered, more connected to my own inner knowing, more blissful. I love how simple the practices are. And Devi’s clarity and passion helped to anchor the teachings; I found myself nodding in resonance through most of our sessions! Her compassion and intuition guided me gently through the process, including a few bumps along the way.
The final retreat was an amazing integration of all I had learned. And the safe and sacred space that was created with all the participants allowed for even greater personal healing and liberation. I feel passionate and confident to share these teachings and path with others and to help them connect even more deeply with their own Divinity, as I have connected with mine. I am so grateful to Devi and Marthe for helping to birth a new me!”


Marci W.
Certification Graduate

“I have been discovering deeper level of connection and intimacy with myself and others and my life has become rich and juicy.”


“It’s been 4 months since I started Tibetan Tantra Training with Devi and it saved my relationships and my life! My partner recently said ‘I was longing to connect with you deeply and I didn’t think it was possible,’ and he cried. I have been discovering deeper level of connection and intimacy with myself and others and my life has become rich and juicy. I’ve had many other spiritual practices and trainings, and Tibetan Tantra is the most powerful, yet gentle healing method I’ve ever had.
With Tibetan Tantra, I experience being truly present with my partner, passion, oneness, security, full of joy, richness, aliveness, wow this is going to be a long list! Good news is that this is life-long practice and I am excited to discover something new every day and every moment.
Devi is such a generous teacher and I am thrilled to have sessions with her every week. She creates a safe, open and playful space so that I am able to share anything with her and free myself to discover new level of pleasure and joy not only in sexuality, but also in all areas of my life.”

Chikako T.
Certification Graduate

“Since working with Devi so many amazing shifts have happened in my life.”


“I never would have imagined that the very thing (sex) that caused me the most trauma in my life would also bring me the most healing. Since working with Devi so many amazing shifts have happened in my life. I don’t know that I would have been able to come to that realization without the assistance and guidance of Devi.
Her work and dedication to it is beyond exceptional and her personal story and experiences are relatable and inspiring. When I am facing hardships I think about all of the work we did together, her stories and she has overcome her challenges and it always provides an additional level of motivation for me to move forward and through what I am experiencing. She is creating teachers like myself which the world needs more than anything else right now. She is doing the work and helping people do it too!”



Derneeka C.
Certification Graduate

“I became aware of social conditioning that hindered my growth as a person, and awakened the powerful, sexy goddess within me.”

“Once I finished the Tibetan Tantra Certification Program, a new, better version of myself emerged. The program not only taught me how to have better, longer, stronger orgasms, but also showed me the RIGHT way to live my life, through the pleasures of all my senses. I became aware of social conditioning that hindered my growth as a person, and awakened the powerful, sexy goddess within me. I was in a conflicted relationship, starving from a lack of connection and intimacy, feeling “stuck” in love.
The program showed me how to communicate my needs and wants in a positive way that could be received by my partner. I also became more assertive in seeking my personal happiness. I can confidently say I received just as much spiritual awakening as sexual awakening from this journey. When I started this program, I was looking for a light to be my guide through the darkness, ultimately learning that I am my own light and the power is within ME. This program has forever changed my life, and the way I choose to live it.”


Courtney G.
Certification Graduate

“I now work in my own practice, utilizing the material and methodology that was taught in the course…”


“At a time in my life when everything was in upheaval and finding myself in a shift from religion to a spiritual life, I discovered Devi Ward’s training. Through the online Skype sessions with Devi, and then the retreat where we dove in deep into Tantra, the life-changing principles that were taught truly altered the trajectory of my life. I now work in my own practice, utilizing the material and methodology that was taught in the course, and am thrilled to be able to pass this on to a growing number of people that I meet through private sessions and teaching classes.
Devi’s ability to teach deep spiritual-based Tantra, yet make is saucy and sexy and really fun made the course something I would heartily recommend. To men and women!”

David H.
Certification Graduate

Get Updates About The 2019 Authentic Tantra Certification Program!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have sex with lots of people?

Definitely not. All genital healing and pleasure techniques are demonstrated on anatomical models and video. You will have an opportunity to practice hands-on sexual healing techniques during Module 2. You will have the option of performing a hands-on sexual healing session, receiving a hands-on sexual healing session, or observing a sexual healing session. All of these hands-on sessions are supervised by a senior Authentic Tantra instructor, and are performed only by enthusiastic mutual consent of all participants. We also provide rubber anatomical models for students who would like to practice the hands-on methods with the guidance of a senior teacher.


How am I graded?

There are number of factors that we look to for determining the success and aptitude of our students. Some of these factors are tangible and some are non-tangible. Your performance as a coach is assessed by, but not limited to, the following standards:

  • How well you understand the technique or method.
  • How well you understand WHY we perform the technique or method
  • How embodied you are in your personal practice
  • How well you hold space for other people’s healing process
  • How committed you are to your professional role as an Authentic Tantra Practitioner


Am I guaranteed to graduate?

We are committed to the success of our students, and we do everything possible to ensure that you not only understand each of the methods, but are able to effectively integrate them into your life. Your ability to teach Authentic Tantra is based upon your personal practice. Your graduation with Certification is entirely dependent upon how well you understand each of the methods, and how effectively you are able to teach them to others. The program structure was designed to ensure success. If you follow the program as instructed, there is no reason you will not graduate.


Is the program accredited?

There is currently no formal accreditation board in North America for the modality of Tantra.  There are various schools for Tantra, which teach a variety of different styles of Western Neo, Hindu based, and Taoist sexual yoga practices, and they all have varying levels of credibility and legitimacy. We are currently the only school in North America that teaches Tibetan Based Tantric practices, and we are very proud to say that our school is accredited by a qualified Lama of the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. We teach these methods under the guidance and with the support of our spiritual teacher.


How do I make money after graduating?

We are thrilled to provide “Turn-key” business blueprints for all of our graduates as part of their training. These business blueprints provide you with a variety of time tested and proven strategies for setting up a sustainable coaching practice- including workshops, lectures, and personal coaching programs. These turn-key business blueprints are based on 40+ years of combined business and teaching expertise from our core team of instructors.

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