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Student testimonials from the Authentic Tantra Certification Program.
Dale Grove ~ 2016 Graduate


Sofia Fortin ~ 2016 Graduate
Kelly Grace ~ 2017 Student
David Brestel ~ 2017 Student
Mariloli Ruiz ~ 2017 Student
Brandon Eden ~ 2017 Student
Rosie Bitts ~ 2016 Graduate
Vayne Thomas ~ 2016 Graduate
Tuline Kinaci ~ 2016 Graduate

“Taking this course has helped me find deeper peace and meaning in my life”


“Devi Ward’s Tantra Training Certification Program is absolutely amazing. Taking this course has enriched my life personally and deepened my practice of Tantra and my work.

Devi is an amazing teacher and coach. She is knowledgeable, supportive, patient, and passionate about empowering people with Tantra. Taking this Tantra Training has helped me find deeper peace and meaning in my life, given me profound tools for self-connection and for connecting with lovers and clients alike. This is a life-changing program.”

Tantra Training Certification Graduate

Margret H.
Certification Graduate

“Saying yes to this Tantra Training certification has been an amazing gift to myself.”

“The treasures accessible within the Tibetan Tantra Training Certification Program offer a richness and proficiency for those yearning to support humanity through the art of embodied sexual and spiritual potential.

The transformation you will experience throughout this program will undoubtedly deepen your relationship to pleasure, and expand your ability to experience the sacred and creative life force within your body.

When is it NOT worth it to invest in a more intimate satisfaction with life itself?! Saying yes to this certification has been an amazing gift to myself, and a potent choice for my career!”

Tantra Training Certification Graduate

Leigh W.
Certification Graduate

“My experiences with my clients has been so rewarding!”


“I wanted to express my gratitude to Devi, Lama Tashi and all of you wonderful Tantrikas! My experiences with my clients has been so rewarding!

It is so wonderful to know I am fulfilling my soul promise and purpose in this life!

I have my first Skype client next week. :)”

Tantra Practitioners | Tantra Training Certification Graduate

Alana D.
Certification Graduate

“I feel a kind of emotional steadiness that I have not felt since I was a child.”

“Devi is a beautiful person and an incredible teacher. I consider it a great fortune to have her in my life. When I began looking for a Tantra Training Teacher I was scared and excited. I knew that I wanted someone who was going to be open and kind and who would have great respect for my boundaries. I settled on Devi as my teacher and proceeded to take her 90 Day Tantra Training and then went on to be certified in Tibetan Tantra. It was the right decision.

The 2014 Tibetan Tantra Training Certification Retreat was a life changing experience. I came away from it having formed incredible bonds with the other 5 graduates, who I consider my sisters and who offer me genuine love and support.

I left with the necessary knowledge and experience to incorporate Tibetan Tantra into my everyday life, and to teach others to do the same. I feel a kind of emotional steadiness that I have not felt since I was a child. And, I love having the capacity to find the most pleasure in every moment of my life.

Thank you, Devi, for bringing these wonderful practices into my world. I love you!”

Tantra Training Certification Graduate

Alaina S.
Certification Graduate

“…it has truly been life-changing in so many ways.”


“I was initially drawn to the program to gain new tools and a framework for my healing and coaching practice. But from the very first moment I connected with Devi I realized the real journey was the healing work I’d be doing with myself.

After years of personal and spiritual development, I had let go of many of the blocks that had held me back. But I knew there were still “issues in my tissues” and this was a path of healing I had been asking for to take myself to the next level. As I began to practice each of the four pillars—meditation, movement, connection and pleasure—I began to feel more free, more empowered, more connected to my own inner knowing, more blissful. I love how simple the tantric practices are. And Devi’s clarity and passion helped to anchor the teachings; I found myself nodding in resonance through most of our sessions! Her compassion and intuition guided me gently through the process, including a few bumps along the way.

The final Tantra Training retreat was an amazing integration of all I had learned. And the safe and sacred space that was created with all the participants allowed for even greater personal healing and liberation. I feel passionate and confident to share these teachings and path with others and to help them connect even more deeply with their own Divinity, as I have connected with mine. I am so grateful to Devi and Marthe for helping to birth a new me!”

Tantra Practitioners | Tantra Training Certification Graduate

Marci W.
Certification Graduate

“I have been discovering deeper level of connection and intimacy with myself and others and my life has become rich and juicy.”


“It’s been 4 months since I started Tibetan Tantra Training with Devi and it saved my relationships and my life! My partner recently said ‘I was longing to connect with you deeply and I didn’t think it was possible,’ and he cried. I have been discovering deeper level of connection and intimacy with myself and others and my life has become rich and juicy. I’ve had many other spiritual practices and trainings, and Tibetan Tantra is the most powerful, yet gentle healing method I’ve ever had.

With Tibetan Tantra, I experience being truly present with my partner, passion, oneness, security, full of joy, richness, aliveness, wow this is going to be a long list! Good news is that this is life-long practice and I am excited to discover something new every day and every moment.

Devi is such a generous teacher and I am thrilled to have sessions with her every week. She creates a safe, open and playful space so that I am able to share anything with her and free myself to discover new level of pleasure and joy not only in sexuality, but also in all areas of my life.”

Tantra Training Certification Graduate

Chikako T.
Certification Graduate