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Authentic Tantra® is a trauma-informed holistic healing modality designed to awaken, heal and integrate body, mind, spirit, and sex. Our methods are rooted in Tibetan Tantric Buddhist teachings designed to catalyze profound healing and transformation in every area of life!

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We are the only government accredited school for tantric sexual healing in the world!

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education holds two accreditations from governing bodies in the field of advanced education:

December 8th, 2017

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education received accredidation from The American College of Sexology International as an approved training Institute in the field of Sexology.

September 26th, 2019

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education became registered as an approved training Institute with the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training of BC Canada.

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“I want to say that the teachers of this course have my full support. The transmission of the Five Elements is authentic from the Tibetan Buddhist traditions as they have stated in their advertising. This course offers instruction in authentic Tibetan Buddhist practices, woven into this sexual healing modality”

Lama Tashi Dundrup ~ Kauai Dharma Center

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Learn Authentic Tantra® online! Learn our trademarked Tantric healing methods in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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Get the compassionate support you need for healing and growth! Learn Authentic Tantra® with one of our certified Authentic Tantra® coaches!

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Become certified in Authentic Tantra®! We offer the only government accredited training program for Tantric sexual healing in the world!

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The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is dedicated to providing ethical and effective Tantric instruction to individuals and communities who are seeking a healthy, balanced, and sacred approach to sexuality and holistic healing. Unlike many styles of yoga and meditation, the modality of Authentic Tantra® embraces human sexuality and its innate potential for healing, when it is honored as sacred and practiced with awareness, compassion, and loving-kindness.

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*The Tantra Mastery Training Program does not require approval by the registrar of the private Training Institute Branch (PTIB). As such, the registrar did not review this program.