3 Differences Between Authentic Tantra ® and Neo-Tantra

#1- The Energy Body

The Authentic Tantra® modality is rooted in the Tibetan 5 Element Teachings and Vajrayana Tantric practices. In this system each element corresponds to a different energy center of the body, a.k.a. “Chakra”. The crown and root chakras are considered “caps” to keep the energy being generated from your practice IN the physical form, in order to be used for healing and bringing benefit to self and others.
Neo-Tantric practices use an entirely different chakra system and generally emphasize shooting energy OUT of the crown and into the ether in order to have an “etheric” or “cosmic” experience.
The practice of shooting energy up and out can lead to imbalances overtime and a sense of being “ungrounded”.

#2- Motivation for practice

The foundation of Tibetan Tantric practice (the root of the Authentic Tantra® modality) is altruistic motivation and the development of Bodhichitta, which is the desire for all beings to be free from all forms of suffering as a result of your Tantra Yoga practice.
The Authentic Tantra® modality emphasizes the need for humanity to be free from sexual suffering in particular.
Society’s current relationship to sexuality is a result of ignorance, abuse, avoidance, and shame and leads to some of the most widespread, violent and many-layered sources of suffering.
The development of Bodhichitta is generally not the motivation for practice articulated within Neo-Tantra. Nor is freedom from all forms of suffering the result of Neo-Tantric practice.


The Authentic Tantra® modality is rooted in lineage-based teachings from the Shangpa Kagyu tradition. These teachings have been passed down from teacher to student in an unbroken oral tradition for millennia.
Neo-Tantra, by definition, has no lineage and no connection to a lineage via a sanctioned Lama or Teacher of any spiritual tradition.
The lineage – based teachings of the Authentic Tantra® modality give us a guidebook for approaching sexuality from a standpoint of mindfulness and presence and offer us concrete tools for harnessing our sexual energy and using it skillfully.


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