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5 Tips for a Solo Sacred Sexual Healing Session 

Let’s talk about solo sacred sexual healing/self-pleasure sessions vs a masturbation session – because there is a huge difference between the two! 
Not that there’s anything wrong with regular ole masturbation, but if that’s all you have ever experienced, you are very much missing out on the powerful healing aspects of your solo sexy time. 
Solo self-pleasure has been a foundation of Buddhist sexual Tantra from the beginning. There are numerous texts in this tradition that refer to practitioners cultivating their “sexual fire” for advanced solo sexual practices, which are referred to as “the inner yogas.”
In fact, the 1st Lama in Tibet was a woman named Yeshe Tsogyal who helped establish Buddhism in Tibet through sexual union practices with her consort, Guru Rinpoche, a.k.a Padmasambhava. In one particular text, Yeshe is described as “covering her naked body with gold dust and stirring her mandala (vulva) with her fingers, while Padmasambhava arose as the great Heruka with his vajra (penis) in hand”.
This is quite literally a description of mutual masturbation between these two enlightened Tantric Yogis!
 On that note, there are a few things that differentiate masturbation from solo sacred sexual healing.
Some examples are:
  • Your Intention
  • The Amount of Time You Spend
  • The Healing Environment You Create
  • The Techniques you use


If you yearn to dive deeper into the powerful healing aspects of solo sacred sexual healing and pleasure, we encourage you to use these 5 steps starting today and let us know what you experience!


Tip 1 – Make the Time!

Solo sexual healing sessions begin in YOUR Mind. You must choose to create the time and space in your life to devote to this healing practice. We recommend literally scheduling the time in your calendar. Make a date with yourself and give yourself the gift of undivided attention.

Tip 2- Create sacred space!

Creating a sensually pleasing, nurturing environment offers your nervous system the extra support it may need to relax fully.


Tip 3 – Meditate before you masturbate!

Ever have trouble focusing on sexual stimulation because your mind is going a mile a minute? Give your mind the opportunity to RELAX and get present IN THE BODY before you attempt to stimulate yourself.



Tip 4 – Breath deeply!

The Autonomic Nervous System plays a HUGE role in our sexual function and ability to respond to pleasure. If you are feeling tense or stressed your ANS will most likely be kicked into a fight or flight response. When the ANS is in Fight or flight, even a little bit, your erectile tissue will not engorge and your sexual functioning will be impaired.

Tip 5 – Follow the pleasure!

A major difference between ordinary masturbation and Tantric self-pleasure is the goal. In Tantric self-pleasure, PLEASURE and connection are the goals. NOT orgasm. Orgasm is the body’s natural response to pleasure, so by focusing entirely on pleasure and your relationship to yourself through pleasure, you automatically create an environment for healing to occur.
And to enhance the experience, try… 
  1. Stroking your entire body (not just your genitals!) to find pleasure zones and focus on them.
  2. Tease yourself. Slowly and gradually make your way to genitals, and instead of going right for it. 
  3. Instead of rushing straight to orgasm, pause to relax and breathe throughout the session

Want More?

Get a step-by-step video guide to your solo sexual healing session in our FREE introduction to Authentic Tantra!

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