About The Institute

About the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is the first and only government-accredited professional training institute using the Tibetan Five Element Tantric practices for holistic sexual healing. We are also the ONLY Tantra training Institute in the Western world that provides students with a pathway to obtaining a Master’s Degree and/or Ph.D. in authentic, lineage-based Tantra from a globally accredited university.

The Institute provides a secular approach to the implementation of authentic, lineage-based, Tantric healing methods designed to awaken, heal and integrate body, mind, spirit, and sex.

The Tantric methods presented by IATE are rooted in the Tibetan Five Element Tantric teachings, which are ancient shamanistic techniques from the Tibetan and Bon traditions, designed to balance, enrich and heal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body – from inside out. These lineage-based healing methods are combined with cutting-edge somatic science and Taoist sexual yoga methods to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to sexuality, healing, and using “pleasure as medicine”.

In keeping with our mission to decolonize Tantra Education in the West, our epistemological framework draws upon the insights of Tibetan Vajrayana Tantra as expressed in the Shangpa Kagyu lineage, and Afrocentric feminist epistemology as presented by Patricia Hill Collins, which prioritize the embodiment and practical application of knowledge gained from educational pursuits.

These epistemological orientations place value on the student’s lived experience over intellectual dissociation and draw upon the insights and experiences of the marginalized to foster positive change towards greater recognition and respect for the humanity of all.

Why sexuality is a focus of our Tantra practice…

In this day and age, sexuality is the cause of tremendous pain and suffering. As practicing Vajrayana Buddhists we believe the need for authentic instruction in how to approach sexual connection with mindfulness and how to utilize sexual energy for healing and spiritual growth becomes more vital with each passing day. We believe it is imperative that spiritual teachers and teachings address the critical role that sexuality plays in being a healthy, whole, and integrated human being.

The Tibetan Five Element Tantric Teachings give us a guidebook for approaching sexuality from a standpoint of mindfulness and presence and offer us concrete tools for harnessing our sexual energy and using it skillfully.

We are grateful for the blessings of our Lama which allow us to share these authentic tantric healing methods in a way that is appropriate and supportive for those walking a more secular path of Vajrayana Tantra

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