Authentic Tantra® Certification Program

We are the Only Government Accredited School for Tantra!

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is the first and only government accredited professional training institute using the Tibetan Five Element Tantric practices for holistic sexual healing.

900+ Hours
of Authentic Tantra® Training
75+ Hours
Live Sessions (1 on 1 and Group)
12+ Hours
Weekly Embodiment Practice
135+ Hours
In-Person Embodiment Training

Certification with the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is a comprehensive program consisting of 2 phases, taking approximately 15 months to complete. Our two-phase training process makes this the most comprehensive Tantra Practitioners Training Program available today.

The curriculum for this training program underwent a year-long review by the Ministry of Advanced Education in British Columbia, Canada, and was found to effectively meet their educational standards.


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About Our Training Program

Authentic Tantra ® is a trauma-informed holistic healing modality designed to awaken, heal, and integrate body, mind, spirit, and sex.

Authentic Tantra ® methods are rooted in the Tibetan Five Element Tantric Teachings, which are ancient shamanistic techniques from the Tibetan and Bon traditions, designed to balance, enrich, and heal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body- from the inside out.

Certification with the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is a comprehensive program consisting of 2 phases, taking approximately 15 months to complete.

Phase 1

We strive to enroll students who feel truly aligned with the Authentic Tantra® modality. Phase #1 of the training process ensures that you feel called to become a Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioner because the methods have worked FOR YOU.


Program Training over 4 months
13 Sessions
One-on-One Personalized Support
8 Hours
Tantra Homeplay Activities per week
Introduction To Tantra
  • What is “Tantra” and where does it come from?
  • The 4 Pillars of Healing with Authentic Tantra®
  • The energy medicine of Tibetan 5 Element Tantra
  • Ancient, lineage-based, Tantric Meditations
  • Tibetan Tantric Healing Practices
  • Tantric Breathwork
Practicing Authentic Tantra®
  • Using Pleasure as Medicine
  • Healing the Nervous System with The Ocean Breath
  • Orgasmic Awareness Practice
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • The 4 Forms of Pleasure
  • The 10 Spot
  • Pleasure Journal
Somatic Healing Practices
  • Transforming emotional poisons into power!
  • Sacred Self-Pleasure
  • Sexual Healing with Tantric Touch
  • Harnessing Sexual Energy
  • Sexual + Non-Sexual Practices
  • Healing and Enrichment with Tantric Movement
Communication Practices
  • Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
  • Tantric Speech
  • Sexual Communication
  • Tantric Union Breathing
  • Integrating Tantra into Daily Life

Advantages to starting Phase #1 early in the calender year (This is Highly recommended):

Phase #1 of our training program is a PERSONAL coaching program, which allows you and your instructor to tailor the curriculum to meet your unique needs for healing and growth.

PHASE 1 program tuition

Financing and payment plans are available. Please check this option on your application to get more information on how to apply for financing or payment plans.

Our government-mandated refund policy can be found HERE

Total Cost:
$ 5000 00
1 Payment
  • $6,500 CAD
    **Canadian prices are calculated at a 1.25 exchange rate
Payment Plan
$ 875 00
6 Payments
  • 6 payments of $1125 CAD
    **Canadian prices are calculated at a 1.25 exchange rate

NOW Enrolling for class of 2023-2024!

The sooner you get started with Phase #1 of your training the more time you will have to work with the Authentic Tantra® methods to develop competence and skill. 

You will be eligible to register for Phase #2 once you have completed your 13th session.

100% financing is available for Phase #1 AND Phase #2 of our government-accredited Authentic Tantra Certification Program!

*PLEASE NOTE: Students MUST be registered for Phase 1 by July 31st, 2023 in order to qualify for the Phase 2 Class in 2024.

Phase 2
The 11-month Authentic Tantra® Certification Program


Program Training over 11 months
1-1 Sessions
One-on-One Personalized Support
Group Sessions
Live Group Training Sessions
In Person
Two In-Person Training Intensives
Module 1 - Holistic Healing with Authentic Tantra®

Module One deepens and builds upon what students learn in Phase #1 of their training. Additionally, students will learn Authentic Tantra® methods for healing various types of sexual dysfunction for all genders, pleasure-based anatomy for all genders, and couples practices for cultivating Tantric Intimacy.

Students can expect to learn and practice:

  • Advanced applications of The Tibetan 5 Element Practices
  • How to use the 4 Pillars of Authentic Tantra® for Holistic Healing
  • The Polyvagal system + its role in healing trauma
  • Pleasure-based sexual anatomy
  • The 4 stages of trauma healing
  • The process of how trauma is stored in and released from the nervous system
  • Taoist sexual health practices
  • Cultivating “Pleasure Consciousness with The 4 forms of Pleasure
  • The 5 core pelvic movements + Tantric Dance
  • The 5 principles of tantric communication
  • Healing with words using Tantric Speech
  • The 4 components of Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
Module 2 - In-Person Embodiment Training
  • 5.5 days of intensive group training


The Module 2 Tantric Embodiment Retreat Consists of daily formal training sessions. This is a rare and precious opportunity to practice lineage-based Tantric healing methods with a community of your peers.

Students will practice:

  • Advanced Tibetan 5 Element Tantra methods
  • The 5 Elements of Tantric Dance
  • Advanced pelvic floor yoga practices for all genders
  • How to apply the energy medicine of Tibetan 5 Element Tantra for holistic healing
  • Somatically-based, trauma-informed, Tantric sexual healing methods
  • Tantric Intimacy practices for partners
  • The 5 principles of tantric communication
  • Using mindful pleasure as medicine in daily life
Module 3 - Becoming a Tantra Practitioner

Module 3 provides instruction for students to transition to becoming a Certified Tantra Practitioner. Students will continue individual sessions with their Primary Instructor to support the development and refinement of their teaching abilities.

Bi-Weekly Group Training Sessions will continue with the focus on why, what, and how to teach the Authentic Tantra® modality to others. Students are provided with coaching templates, blueprints, and teaching tools to work with and use as required.

Additionally, students will be expected to:

  • Work directly with 2-3 “practice” clients under indirect supervision
  • Demonstrate understanding of all the techniques and theories learned in previous modules by successfully completing a written test.
  • Describe differences between Tibetan, Indian, and Western Neo-Tantra
  • Identify the defining features of Authentic Tantra®, and how and why it is effective as a holistic healing modality
  • Summarize the 4 pillars of Authentic Tantra® and how + why they work
  • Explain the energy body and its relationship to healing the physical body
  • Summarize the Tibetan Five Elements and how they work with the energy body to establish balance across all systems of function.
  • Explain the 5 root emotional poisons in the Tibetan tradition and how the elemental practices work to heal those.
  • Summarize all aspects of the 5 element chart.
  • Design curriculum for workshops and private coaching sessions with clients.
  • Identify how the modality and practices can be applied to various issues experienced by clients.
Module 4 - Final Exams + Certification

67 hours of in-person oral exams in which students demonstrate the capacity to:

  • Clearly articulate the 4 Pillars of Healing with Authentic Tantra®
  • Clearly teach all aspects of the Tibetan 5 Element Practices
  • Demonstrate the embodiment of the meditation and movement practices
  • Demonstrate correct knowledge of genital anatomy
  • Demonstrate proficiency in teaching all the methods of the Authentic Tantra® modality


Students will demonstrate their ability to instruct one-on-one with their classmates and in a workshop environment

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Please review our comprehensive course syllabus containing information regarding:

what our students are saying...

What your clients can expect…

What is Authentic Tantra®?

Authentic Tantra® is a trauma-informed, holistic healing modality rooted in the Tibetan Five Element Healing Practices.

Authentic Tantra® is an innovative yogic practice which weaves ancient, lineage-based tantric practices with somatic science and holistic methods for the purpose of catalyzing profound transformation of body, mind, spirit, and sex.

Practicing Authentic Tantra® awakens the innate potential for healing that is embedded in human sexuality when it is honored as integral to our sacred, human existence and practiced with awareness, compassion, and loving-kindness.

The modality is based on ancient and contemporary knowledge about how socio-cultural conditioning causes emotional, mental and physical suffering, specifically in the area of sexuality.

In this context “sexuality” is understood as a fundamental part of human existence, including but not limited to genital stimulation and arousal, our feelings, needs, belief systems, and how we relate to our selves and others.

Socio-cultural conditioning shapes the way we think, feel and act. At its core is the ignorance that comes with the idea of separation; We believe that our body is separate from our thinking and feeling, that our sexuality is separate from all things sacred, that as individuals we are separate from other beings and from our environment.

In the area of sexuality, ignorance leads to some of the most widespread, violent and many-layered sources of suffering.

Our Mission

We believe that healing for each individual happens from the inside out.

We believe that by healing and empowering the individual, we heal, empower, and awaken our communities – thereby healing and empowering our society as a whole.

Using a somatically-based, trauma-informed approach to healing we understand that “the issues are in the tissues”, and true, lasting transformation occurs when we are able to effectively heal and balance the nervous system and gain access to the profound wisdom of the body.

The Authentic Tantra Certification Program is not just a training for “Coaches”.


Our unique 2 phase training process allows you to develop the competency required to confidently support your clients while addressing the sensitive issues of sexuality and trauma.

The Authentic Tantra® modality understands that our TRUE nature is that of love, joy, connection, and pleasure.

Tantric Healing is simply the process of removing “blocks to bliss” so that our authentic, inherently blissful nature can be reclaimed and restored…Naturally.

What makes Our Tantra Certification program unique?



This is the ONLY government-accredited Tantra Certification Program in North America.

Upon graduation, our students are eligible for the additional credential of “Certified Sexologist” through American Board of Sexology


Authentic Tantra® is now internationally recognized as a Natural Therapeutic Modality and IATE has been approved as a  Premier Training Provider with IICT.

Our Certified Practitioners have access to Professional Recognition, Membership and Insurance with the IICT


ALL of our students receive free counseling from Here2Talk Mental Health Services

Through this program, all IATE students – domestic or international – have access to free, confidential counselling and community referral services, conveniently available 24/7 via app, phone and web.

View from the Lama

“I want to say that the teachers of this course have my full support. The transmission of the Five Elements is authentic from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as they have stated in their advertising and is completely applicable to any healing modality including sexual. Sexual transmission of the 5 element methods are used in Tibetan Buddhist Tradition in special circumstances. Here in the west, they are applied to people generally. This course offers instruction in authentic Tibetan Buddhist practices, woven into this sexual healing modality. It is a valid certification program.”

Lama Tashi Dundrup ~ Shangpa Kagyu

Kauai Dharma Center

Become a Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioner!

The Authentic Tantra Certification program is designed specifically for those who are PASSIONATE about liberating themselves, and their communities, from the shackles of sexual ignorance, guilt, fear and shame, and who value the integrity of having time-tested, authentic, lineage-based methods for healing, transformation, and personal growth.

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