What a Wet Vagina Says about Her Desire

Nothing, it tells you not-a-thing.   You cannot make any assumptions about what a woman wants based on the degree to which her vagina lubricates. You may be thinking, “What? How can that be? I always thought, if she’s wet she wants it, if she isn’t then she doesn’t?” These are very common, but mistaken, […]

Inside, Outside, Same

I have always been a wanderer. I’m a person who desires knowledge of things on the fringe, who seeks out new experiences and new places, and who is always devouring new concepts and ways of being. In fact, this desire to acquire new knowledge is part of what brought me to Authentic Tantra. However, these […]

Parents, Keep the Spark Alive (Part Two)

In this blog, we’ll learn effective tools for connecting to your partner that will fit easily into your busy family life. Last week we discussed the importance of prioritizing the primary romantic relationship in a family unit, and we talked about how children thrive when their parents are engaged in a happy and harmonious romantic […]

Parents, Keep the Spark Alive (Part One)

A healthy romantic relationship between you and your partner, may be one of the most important factors in your children’s growth and happiness. Duh, you might be thinking. But really, how much time do you make for your relationship? How much time is devoted to fostering connection, romance and eroticism? Do you prioritize dates, romantic […]

4 ways Tantra healed my life (and saved my marriage!)

Before I became a Tantrika, a terrible event had transpired. The details are too painful and too private for a public blog post, but it’s enough to say that I thought my life was forever changed for the worse. I thought that I might not ever feel joy in the way I once had and […]

#PleasureDate or How I Beat the Winter Blues

Every winter I suffer from seasonal affective disorder and struggle to maintain my emotional wellbeing. This winter has been no exception and recently I had a particularly difficult bought with the winter-blues. Luckily, I work with tantrikas. These women are not just my colleagues, but my spiritual family, and we support each other in our […]

6 Stress Relieving Tips to Boost Your Libido

Stress is the enemy of great sex. It can make the gentle caress of your lover an annoyance instead of the beginning of a great make-out session. Not only does stress affect your health and mood, it can have a dramatic negative impact on your libido. For too many, as stress increases, sexual desire tends […]