Is Semen Retention Healthy for Your Prostate

Is Semen Retention Healthy for your Prostate?

Questions regarding the impact of semen retention on the male prostate and if semen retention is healthy for your prostate are WISE, particularly when there is so much misinformation around semen retention online. I have been teaching Taoist and Tantric methods for semen retention to men all over the world since 2008 and have witnessed […]

The Magical Power Of Semen Retention!

Semen Retention Benefits and Semen Retention Practices

We receive a lot of questions about semen retention benefits and techniques for men. What most people don’t realize is that lasting longer, achieving semen retention without holds, and experiencing non-ejaculatory orgasms is a process. And that process takes time. By using the semen retention practices we teach, you are literally re-training your nervous system to […]

Tantra and Antiracism

tantra and antiracism

What is the relationship between Tantra and AntiRacism? This is a really juicy question. One of the ways that Tantra relates to antiracism is in relation to Tantric Buddhism. Tantric Buddhism flourished in Northern India between 600-1100 AD. Part of its success in that region was addressing and breaking down the rigid social hierarchies of […]

Why are the Tibetan 5 Elements so important for healing?

Tibetan 5 Elements

We get a lot of folks asking us why the Tibetan 5 elements are so important and so I’m going to answer that question. So the Tibetan 5 elements earth, water, fire, air and space make up our bodies and everything in our natural environment and the way that we’re designed as human beings is […]

Kegels vs. Yoni Yoga

kegels vs. yoni yoga

A common misconception regarding pelvic floor health is the idea that a “tight” vagina is a “healthy” vagina. In Tibetan 5 Element Tantra we are not seeking a “tight” pelvic floor, which may indicate chronic tension and unresolved trauma, but rather, we are seeking strength and tone.   Most of us in the West think […]

5 Step Tantra Practice for Same Sex Couples

tantra for same sex couples

We often get asked if same sex couples can practice tantra. And the answer is absolutely YES! As long as you are human and have a human nervous system, you can practice tantra.   In our lineage of practice, Tantra is essentially a form of energy-body yoga that can (and should) be applied to all […]

10 Reasons WE Should Be Your Tantra Yoga School!

Tantra Yoga

If you’re on the fence about enrolling in our Tantra Yoga Teacher Training program, and/or ANY of our online educational programs, here are 10 reasons to say “Hell Yes!” to training with IATE… (Yes, we are totally flexing our hard-earned credentials) 😉   1. We are a government accredited school for Tantra Yoga This means that […]

masculine and feminine polarity in tantra

masculine and feminine polarity in tantra

Let’s talk about masculine and feminine polarities in tantra. The concept of masculine and feminine polarities in tantra is very common in Neo tantra. And there is a lot of conversation about masculine energy showing up in a certain way and feminine energy showing up in a certain way. Here is the common view of […]

How to get AASECT Certified

AASECT Certified

We have some exciting news for you….as you may or may not know, IATE was recently approved to offer ASSECT CED credits to their network of certified sexuality educators, counselors, and therapists.    For those who are unfamiliar, ASSECT is the often referred to as “The Gold Standard” in terms of credibility in the field of sexology. […]

Can you practice Tantra when single?

Can you practice Tantra when single?

This week we answer a viewer’s question “Can I practice Tantra while single”? When folks ask us this question they are usually thinking of Neo-Tantra, which often portrays Tantric practice as more of a “couples intimacy exercise” than a several thousand year old spiritual tradition. But even Neo-Tantra has aspects of solo practice woven into […]