Devi and Marthe answer a viewers question about her ability to have pleasure and orgasms after having a hysterectomy.

Female Bodies are capable of over 11 different kinds of orgasmic pleasure, and at least 2 of these orgasmic sensations are dependent upon having an intact cervix and uterus, some (if not all) of which are removed during a hysterectomy.

That being said, there are 4 major nerve pathways which feed and nourish the female genitals, and these 4 major nerve pathways have branches that extend all throughout the pelvic region.


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The cervix and uterus are connected to at least 2 of those major nerve pathways, so when those organs are removed, the direct line of communication from those organs to the brain, via those specific nerve pathways, is no longer in place.

But as Marthe explains in this video, chances are there are still smaller branches of those major nerve pathways present in other areas of your vagina, and they may be indirectly accessed through vaginal and vulvic stimulation.

There are also over 9 more types of orgasmic sensation female bodies are able to experience, so there is no reason you can not have a deeply satisfying and nourishing experience of sexual pleasure for the rest of your life.

Yay for vaginas!

Find out more about how to have orgasms after a hysterectomy in the video below!

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  1. This is so important to me, women damaged by surgery continually get told by women who haven’t been damaged by surgery how easy things can and could be. It is sadly not true and is as dramatic a loss as if a man had his penis removed from the root or surgically disabled. I am grateful for you speaking accurately the truth about the removal of the nerve pathways, many people ignore this and continue to try to apply the lie back and ‘relax’ rule. Which I don’t agree with, I feel that women can also be as assertive sexually and should be honoured with this right as well as men.
    This subject has devasted me and I would love to talk more about this as I have been looking for help for many years. I was young when I had a knife put inside me under a false premise, and grieve the identity and relationship with my body daily. I am looking for self acceptance and a way to love the new me and let go of the person that I once knew. But more than anything I would love to feel again. If you can email me or offer any contact or information on classes I would be grateful.

    1. Hello Ashley. Thank you so much for sharing and I am very sorry to hear about your experience. We would love to support you on any way we can. Marthe has direct experience with this issue, so I will have her contact you directly to discuss some options with you. Thank you again for sharing and we look forward to connecting with you soon. Warmly, Devi Ward

  2. I had an emergency hysterectomy after my last baby due to placenta accreta and lost my uterus but kept the cervix and ovaries. I am devastated at this loss because my orgasms feel completely different not (and not better). I need so much help to find ways to make up for the loss of the uterine contractions. Please help me if you can. They used to be deep and strong and lasted a long time and left me with a big release. Now they are short and weak and I feel so tense still afterward. I am in so much grief. Please help if you can.

    1. Dear B.S!
      Thank you for reaching out. I hear your pain and grief, and I hope I’ll be able to offer some words of comfort.
      The change in orgasmic experience after your partial hysterectomy is due to the removal of nerve tissue, but this doesn’t mean that your current pleasure experience represents all that is left for you to enjoy.
      As you have probably learned from reading this blog post we women are lucky to have a very rich network of nerve tissue in our genital and pelvic region, which enables us to enjoy a wide range of sexual pleasure and orgasm.
      I encourage you to let go of your attachment to that particular type of orgasm you used to have before the hysterectomy, and explore your other erogenous zones with as much curiosity and openness in your heart as you can possibly muster.
      I would love for you to know that you are tapping into your full potential for healing of body, mind and spirit, as well as awakening of your entire potential for pleasure.
      Please let us know if you would like us to connect you with one of our coaches so that you can learn practical tools and have the support to cultivate your other typer of pleasure and orgasm.
      We are here for you!
      With much love and on behalf of the Authentic Tantra Team,

      1. Thank you so very much for writing back. It means so much. It is very hard to let go of the amazing uterine orgasms that I enjoyed… but your words do offer hope that I can explore other paths. I have been trying some new things but it is very hard to re-train the brain. I definitely will reach out to one of your coaches if I need more help. I am currently going through your videos and learning as much as I can. Thank you for words of hope. Feeling hopeless is a very awful place to be and it means so much that you would write me this encouragement.

        1. You are so welcome 🙂
          Hopelessness steals from our resources, and even if we can’t change the past, feeling openness and curiosity for the future will always lead us to much more rewarding life experiences.
          We would love to stay in touch with you and to hear about your experiences from using the advice in our videos.
          Wishing you all the best!
          With love from all of us at Authentic Tantra,
          – Marthe

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