Tantric Remedy For Premature Ejaculation!

One of the main methods that we teach at IATE for overcoming most types of male sexual dysfunction (including premature ejaculation) is the Power Wind Exercise. Similar to “kegals” but way more effective, the Power Wind Exercise is based on the understanding of the five winds. These are the five ways that life energy moves […]

Regain That Feeling: Sexual Healing After Serious Injury, Illness, or Disability

Is it possible to experience sexual healing after Serious Injury, Illness, or Disability? Devi speaks with Dr. Mitchell Tepper on the secrets to pleasure and orgasm discovered from laboratory studies with people who have spinal cord injuries and how to access great sex regardless of illness, disability, advancing age, or sexual dysfunction. Join us for […]

Does Watching Porn Increase Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

A new study found that the more a man watches porn, the more likely he is to experience erectile dysfunction, but does this mean that porn is inherently bad? This study found that the more a man watches porn, the more likely he is to experience erectile dysfunction. Here’s what they found:  Erectile dysfunction mostly […]

How Men Can Unlock Their Potential for Profound Intimacy & Connection

Devi Ward speaks with Kelley Mountain, Intimacy and Wellness Expert, about the pure and beautiful desire that men innately have to serve and please the women in their lives. We will discuss the blocks that keep men from experiencing profound intimacy and connection. PLUS the struggles men face with the social disability they have been […]

Sexual Healing For Men ~ The Feminine Perspective

Join Devi Ward Erickson and Certified Authentic Tantra® practitioners and ACS certified sexologists, Karen Craig, Lucia Vasquez, and Rosie Bitts for a raw, honest, and insightful conversation about sexual healing for men ~ The Feminine Perspective   Find out: Why and how women can offer sexual healing for men Why sexual healing for men is […]

Does Size Matter?

Join Devi Ward and sexual health and fitness expert Montique Stephon, as they discuss whether penis size matters and the benefits of the SoTight Sexual Fitness!  Find out:  If penis size really matters  How to pleasure your partner no matter what size you are  The different types of “strokes” you can use during sex for […]

Ayurvedic Recipe for Rebuilding Male Chi!

Semen Retention is an ancient Tantric practice that has been taught for literally thousands of years. Many Eastern traditions understood and acknowledged that semen was a precious vital substance which could contribute to the health and longevity of those who produced this nutrient rich essence. That being said, mastering the art of semen retention takes […]

Is Semen Retention Bad For Prostate Health?

Western medical studies suggest that frequent ejaculation can help men prevent prostate cancer. But how accurate are these studies, and are they truly indicating a relationship between frequent ejaculation and prostate health, or are the results actually indicating a relationship between pleasure and health? Join Tantra sexuality expert, Devi Ward Erickson, and Dr. Paul Tinari […]

How does male circumcision affect female sexual health?

Contrary to conventional opinion, the male foreskin is much more than a disposable flap of skin. Boasting as many as 20,000 nerve endings, this special area is actually the most sensitive and pleasurable part of male sexual anatomy.   Along with being highly pleasurable, the foreskin also serves a variety of other functions such as: […]

The harmful impact of demonizing male sexuality

We are living in a time of turmoil and change. In the US, the current occupant of the white house is a blustering example of toxic masculinity. Our planet and the occupants of the planet have suffered for thousands of years under a violent patriarchal model of relating to one another and the earth. In […]