3 Ways to Use Porn as Medicine!

Pornography use is a controversial topic and one that I have had mixed feelings about over the years. On one hand, there are certain types of mainstream porn that promote what I consider to be “unhealthy” sexual habits and dynamics. On the other hand, I support sex workers and celebrate human beings having full (consensual) […]

Pleasure After Trauma

One of the primary reasons many people seek out Tantra is to help heal and overcome sexual trauma. You can simply google the words “sexual trauma” to discover how prevalent this issue is. In fact, the statistics for sexual trauma are staggering. The most recent statistics show that: Every 98 seconds an American is sexually […]

How Your Pleasure Is A Political Act

“Your Ad has been denied. Ads may not promote pornography of any kind, etc. etc. etc.” Once again, my attempts to promote my work and my “message” of freeing ourselves from the shackles of sexual shame, had been thwarted. Ironic? Yes, I think that applies in this case. From social media networks like Facebook and […]

Cultivating Sexual Wholeness

When it comes to experiencing our full potential for orgasmic pleasure we have to keep in mind that ORGASM is not the goal! PLEASURE is the goal, and orgasm is the body’s natural response to pleasure! Sexual wholeness and embodying our sexual/spiritual consciousness counteracts this “attachment” to the goal of orgasm and invites us to explore […]

3 Things To Look For In A Tantra School

Recently the Tantra world was rocked by yet another sexual abuse scandal affecting a well-known Tantra school. Unfortunately, this is not the first accusation of sexual misconduct being levelled at this Tantra school, which potentially points to a deeper underlying thread of systematic abuse within that organization. The world of Western Tantra is filled with […]

Female Sexual Revolution ~ 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Pussy

There is a war going on my friends. Make no mistake. And it’s a war on women. An organized assault on our sexuality, our personal expression, and yes my friends, an ongoing assault on our reproductive rights. The very White, very MALE, Republican party continues to proclaim self-appointed stewardship over our pussies, and it’s time to take them back. […]

Why Shaming Sex Workers Hurts All Women

In North American culture today, it is common to disparage female porn stars and other female/femme sex industry workers as damaged, unintelligent, or amoral. In fact, women are still looked at as less intelligent if we express ourselves sexually. Too often, women who are either sex workers or simply sexually/sensually expressive are painted in a […]

The Dangers of Sex Without Connection…

In our last Tantra Article we shared how connection is instrumental to the kind of sex, or lovemaking, that is healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Connection is the key element that enables us to give to each other with love and compassion. Connection on the level of mind, body, and spirit creates such […]

Why Your Vagina Is Numb:How Trauma Affects Sexual Response

I have been teaching authentic, lineage-based Tantric methods for sexual healing for over a decade, and during this time, a signifiant number of the women I have worked with believed at some point that their vaginas were broken due to numbness, pain and/or irritation during sex. I too used to believe that my vagina was […]