Jade Ball “Yoni Yoga” for Better Orgasms!

There’s been quite a bit of controversy surrounding jade ball and jade egg practices since Gwyneth Paltrow began promoting them on her website. But what are Jade Egg practices, and why the heck would you want to put stones in your vagina? Traditionally known as Vaginal Kung-fu- Jade Egg & Ben Wa Ball exercises originated […]

Does Semen Cause Vaginal Odor?

Many vagina owners don’t realize that semen can be the cause of unpleasant smells from their lady bits, but there are actually a few reasons a man’s “elixir” may cause your yoni some distress. Like anything that contains proteins, the smell of semen changes when it decomposes inside the vagina.  But that’s not to say […]

How to Use the Jade Egg Correctly

There has been quite a bit of controversy over the Jade Egg practices since Gwyneth Paltrow began promoting them on her website a few weeks ago. A number of medical health care professionals have stepped forward claiming that Jade Eggs practices are not only ineffective, but are actually quite dangerous. It’s obvious that the protestors […]

Period Sex. Is it Safe?

One of the most common topics of interest for females (but also one of the least talked about), is the subject of having sex on your period. Is it safe, is it healthy, is it okay? I did a radio show awhile back where I answered this question in detail, and shared some suggestions from […]

5 Reasons to Use Lube During Sex!

Contrary to mainstream opinion, using lube during sex is not an indication that your vagina is broken in any way. There a variety of reasons you may choose to introduce an externally sourced form of lubrication to your sexual experience. Devi and Marthe share 5 reasons they recommend using a high quality, organic, body safe […]