THE AUTHENTIC TANTRA® Certification Program Syllabus

We Are The ONLY Government Accredited School For Tantric Sexual Healing In The World!

Our 2-year tantra training process makes this the most comprehensive Tantra Training Program available today and qualifies graduates to earn a Graduate Degree in Authentic Tantra through Ubiquity University.

This syllabus outlines ALL 4 Phases of the program.

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Our Simplified Tantra Certification Program Syllabus comes in a beautiful PDF and covers all the basics of what you need to know about our program PLUS answers Frequently Asked Questions about program location, weekly required hours and MORE!


Why do we have a Four Phase Process?

The Authentic Tantra® Certification Program is a government accredited professional tantra training program in the field of holistic wellness that falls under the government mandated category of acupuncture and oriental medicine. Graduates of our certification program are categorized under the National Occupational Code (NOC code) 3232- Practitioners of Natural Healing and graduates who complete our two-phase certification training successfully are eligible to become Certified Sexologists through the American Board of Sexology.

Students seeking to become Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners or Acupuncturists require a minimum of two years of training in that specific healing modality. The Ministry of Education in BC Canada has designated the Authentic Tantra® modality, with the use of the Tibetan Five Element practices, to be a form of oriental medicine and thus we are required to ensure that all of our graduates undergo the type of in-depth and thorough training which is in accordance with this title.

The Authentic Tantra® modality is unique in the world of modern Tantra because it is rooted in the lineage-based teachings of the Tibetan Five Element Tantric Practices.


The Tibetan Five Element Tantric Practices are ancient shamanistic techniques from the Tibetan and Bon traditions, designed to balance, enrich, and heal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body – from the inside out.


The Tibetan Five Element Practices have been used by the indigenous people of Tibet for thousands of years as an extremely effective healing practice for addressing the root causes of most illness and dysfunction.

The Authentic Tantra® modality weaves these ancient, highly effective Eastern healing methods with Western somatic science and an evidence-based approach to healing trauma, in order to effectively restore nervous system regulation, increase inner peace and joy, and tangibly reestablish physical, mental, emotional, and sexual wellness.

Why doing this work is so important...

In order to most effectively support your clients through the healing process catalyzed by practicing Authentic Tantra®, it is essential that you have your own experience of using these methods to uncover and resolve your own “blocks to bliss”. This ensures that you have deeply resourced, first-hand knowledge of the efficacy of each of the Authentic Tantra® methods and how they work to regulate the autonomic nervous system and facilitate healing.


The motto for our practitioners is “healer heal thyself”. Undergoing the metamorphic process of coming face-to-face with and transforming your own wounds in the realm of sexuality and relationships, ensures that you will become a practitioner of competence and integrity.


This detailed syllabus contains information for all 4 phases of the Authentic Tantra® Certification Program.

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    Program Tuition

    Financing and payment plans are available. If you desire financing or our in-house payment plan please check this option on your application.

    Our government-mandated refund policy can be found HERE

    *PLEASE NOTE: Registration is now open through June 1st 2024. SAVE $250 when you apply by April 1st 2024. We offer in-house extended payment plans with NO INTEREST during this enrollment window. Click the button below to view our payment options!


    Year 1 / Phase 1

    Introduction to Tibetan 5 Element Tantra

    Phase 1 (IT5T 101) is a 13-session personalized Tantra Coaching Program which introduces you to the methods of Authentic Tantra® and guides you through the process of using the Tibetan 5 Element system for emotional and sexual healing, allowing you to build a stable foundation of experience-based practice for your professional certification training the following year.

    During this portion of your tantra training you will work closely with one of our highly qualified Tantra Instructors. You will be guided step by step through the process of learning and applying each of the methods of the Authentic Tantra® modality.

    Because these methods work so effectively to uproot and heal trauma stored in the body, it is essential that you as a student have the reliable and compassionate support for healing that is provided by your Authentic Tantra® Instructor.

    This compassionate approach to healing and growth is what distinguishes this program from others in the field of sexology. We are not just training coaches. We are training HEALERS.

    Your own experience of being guided through this process is critical to your ability to perform the same service for your future clients.

    We strive to enroll students who feel truly aligned with the Authentic Tantra® methods.

    The first phase of this process ensures that you feel called to be an Authentic Tantra® practitioner because the methods have worked FOR YOU. 

    The growth and healing that are stimulated for you during this 13-session tantra training will continue to ripen during Phases 1.5 (IT5T 102) AND Phases 201 + 202 of the program. This ripening process is crucial as it will allow you to draw upon your own embodied wisdom to effectively meet the needs of clients dealing with the sensitive issues of sexuality and trauma.

    Introduction To Tibetan 5 Element Tantra is a 4-month deep dive into the heart of Authentic Tantra.

    The content is delivered in 13 one-hour personal coaching sessions over the span of 4 months.

    Each session builds upon the last and the program is designed to lead you step- by- step through a profound personal healing journey.

    Phase 1 (IT5T 101) sets you up perfectly for certification by giving you an extended opportunity to experience the power and efficacy of the Authentic Tantra modality in your own life.

    Phases 1.5-2.2 will then guide you through the process of deepening your knowledge and developing your expertise in teaching these methods to others, making you an even more effective and embodied Tantra Coach.


    *Please note ~ Each session is tailored specifically to your unique needs for healing. Therefore, content of sessions may vary from this description based upon the unique needs of each client.

    140 HOURS
    Program Training over 4 months
    13 Sessions
    One-on-One Personalized Support
    8 Hours
    Tantra Homeplay Activities per week
    Session 1
    • What is Tantra & where does it come from?
    • The 4 Pillars of Authentic Tantra and how they work
    • Setting Goals/Desires for the program
    Session 2
    • Using the Tibetan 5 Elements as medicine
    • Intro to Tantric Meditation for Healing
    • Tibetan Healing Practices for Mind, Body and Spirit – Fire Element
    • Pelvic Floor Breathing
    • (optional) Taoist Yoga Practices
    Session 3
    • Tibetan Healing Practices for Mind, Body and Spirit – Earth Element
    • Ocean Breath for healing trauma and expanding pleasure
    • Orgasmic Awareness Practice
    • (Lingam Owners) 4 stages of Sexual Mastery
    Session 4
    • Tibetan Healing Practices for Mind, Body and Spirit – Space Element
    • Creating Sacred Space with the 5 elements
    • The 4 forms of pleasure
    • Discovering your 10 spot
    • Pleasure Journal for self-love and appreciation
    Session 5
    • Tibetan Air element practice for activating your creative power.
    • (YONI OWNERS) Understanding the anatomy of the Yoni and arousal
    • (YONI OWNERS) Erogenous Zones of the Vulva and Vagina
    • (LINGAM OWNERS) Understanding Lingam anatomy and Internal Erectile Tissue
    • (LINGAM OWNERS) The Eastern science and healing benefits of semen retention
    • (LINGAM OWNERS) The practice of semen retention
    Session 6
    • Tibetan Water element practice for pacifying anger
    • Somatic Healing for all people
    • Sacred Self Pleasure + Healing Massage
    Session 7
    • Harnessing your sexual energy for healing and transformation with the Tibetan Five Element Sexual Yogas
    • Sexual and non-sexual practice
    Session 8
    • Taoist Pelvic Floor Toning
    • 5 Core pelvic movements for somatic healing
    Session 9
    • NVC – as self-inquiry & partner communication
    • Connecting with feelings and needs
    Session 10
    • NVC review
    • Sexual self-awareness
    Session 11
    • Tantric Speech
    • 5 principles of sexual communication
    • Tantric Union Breathing for Partners
    Session 12
    • Catch up and Review
    • Integrating Tantra into life
    Session 13
    • Follow-up (after 4-week break)
    • Review Goals
    • Additional Reading and Support

    Phase 1 (IT5T 101) Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this course the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

    In addition, and in order to successfully complete the program, students will be expected to convey the integration of the methods and practices taught during the program to their instructor during weekly check-in sessions.

    Students will submit a written or oral exam titled “Phase 1 (IT5T 101) Student Assessment” to assess student comprehension of each of the yogic methods they were introduced to during the course of the training.

    Students are also required to complete a program “logbook” in which they log all the time spent completing each of the homework assignments each week, with a minimum of 90 hours required for graduation/completion of Phase 1 (IT5T 101).

    The Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training (PTIB) has approved the Authentic Tantra Certification Program curriculum as:

    • Classification of Instructional Program is 51.3302 – Acupuncture and oriental medicine.
    • Graduates of our 4 Phase, Authentic Tantra Certification Program hold the National Occupational Code (NOC)  3232 – Practitioners of natural healing

    The 4 Phase, Authentic Tantra Certification Program is the ONLY government-accredited Tantra Coaching Program IN THE WORLD and qualifies graduates to earn a Graduate Degree in Authentic Tantra through Ubiquity University.

     There is simply no other Tantra Coaching or Tantra Training Program on the market that affords this level of credibility and integrity.

    Financing and payment plans are available. Our government-mandated refund policy can be found HERE

    Registration for the 2024-2025 Class Is Now OPEN!

    Registration is open through June 1st 2024. Spots are limited. Apply Today!

    Phase 1.5

    Cultivating Bodhicitta

    Phase 1.5, The Introduction to Tibetan 5 Element Tantra 102, (IT5T 102) is an independent study designed to introduce students to the concepts of societal trauma, particularly as it relates to race and gender, in order to support the student in cultivating skills for deeper self-awareness and compassion for self and others (“Bodhicitta”). The course consists of four main components, each with their own set of Learning Objectives.

    The components are:

    1.Introduction to Cultural Somatics with Resmaa Menakem

    2.Introduction to Non-Violent communication

    3. Introduction to the Shangpa Kagyu lineage

    4. Introduction to Somatic Attachment through an anti-racist lens

    Phase 1.5 (IT5T 102) Learning Objectives

    Introduction to Cultural Somatics with Resmaa Menakem
    • Understand racism as a historical, institutional, intergenerational, and personal trauma
    • Understand some of the ways in which racism may impact the brain and nervous system
    • Identify the symptoms of racialized trauma
    • Be familiar with how racialized trauma impacts communities of color and white bodies
    Introduction to Non-Violent communication
    • Week 1: Introduction to NVC
      • Better understand NVC
      • Learn about the core intention of NVC: to connect
      • Reflect on your strengths and edges as a nonviolent communicator, set goals, and start to practice
    • Week 2: Principles of NVC
      • Be comfortable with describing the four components of NVC
      • Have an understanding of key distinctions of NVC, and how you can use language to create safety and connection
      • Increase your vocabulary for expressing feelings and needs
      • Establish a daily practice
    • Week 3: Empathic Presence
      • Have an understanding of what happens in your brain when you give and receive empathy
      • Increase your capacity to be fully present with the people in your lives
      • Deepen your daily practice to start seeing transformative results in your connection to yourself
    • Week 4: Expressing Feelings and Needs
      • Have more language to authentically express your feelings and needs to others
      • Feel more comfortable using NVC tools in conversation
      • Take your next step in your NVC learning journey
    Introduction to the Shangpa Kagyu lineage
    • Be able to name their root lama and lineage
    • Be familiar with the origins of the Shangpa Kagyu lineage
    • Identify the features of the Shangpa Kagyu lineage that differentiate it from other tantric lineages
    • Be familiar with the 6 realms of rebirth
    • Understand the relationship between the 5 elements and Tibetan Buddhist iconography
    Introduction to Somatic Attachment through an anti-racist lens
    • Define Somatic Attachment Theory
    • Identify the 4 primary forms of attachment
    • Understand the role of the nervous system in healing attachment wounds
    • Identify the mechanics of self-regulation and co-regulation
    • Identify attachment ruptures, traumas, and wounds
    • Identify the relationship between attachment Ruptures and Racial Trauma
    • Using Authentic Tantra to Heal Attachment Ruptures

    Year 2/Phase 201 + 202

    Advanced Tibetan 5 Element Tantra 201

    Applied Tibetan 5 Element Tantra 202


    Totaling 11-months in training, the Authentic Tantra® Certification Program is comprised of 2 in-depth phases. Each phase builds upon the previous one. Each is designed to ensure that you have established a comprehensive understanding of how each of the methods of the Authentic Tantra® modality can be used effectively to:


    A Distance Education Program that takes place over 11 months

    *Please Note: BOTH Phase 201 + 202 include an In-Person Embodiment Training.

    60 HOURS
    Online Lecture via Zoom
    134 hours
    Classroom and Experiential Learning
    25 Hours
    Video and Audio Seminar
    37 hours
    Reading Coursework/Textbooks
    41 Hours
    Practicum/Application of Theory
    466 Hours
    Kinesthetic training, and Yogic practice

    Total Number of Training Hours for Phase 2 = 776 Hours

    Methods of evaluation:

    Students are evaluated throughout the training through a series of oral tests, written exams, and workbooks which are reviewed at the end of each training Module.

    Completion Requirements:

    *Please note ~ some details of the program are subject to change.



    First, what is a lineage-based holistic healing modality?

    The term lineage-based has recently been adopted in the field of Neo Tantra in reference to some instructors, and we wanted to explain what this terminology means in the context of Traditional Tantric Practices.

    Lineage-based, in the tradition of Tantric Buddhism, means that a particular teaching or set of teachings originated in the mind of an enlightened being (a Buddha), and was transmitted from that teacher to their students in an unbroken oral tradition, dating back thousands of years.

    “Unbroken” means that the teachings have always been and continue to be held by an enlightened master.

    The Tibetan Five Element Teachings specifically are 17,000 years old, originating with the Buddha Tonpa Shenrab and merged with “modern” Tantric Buddhism in the 10th century CE.

    The Tibetan 5 Element Teachings were transmitted to our teacher, Lama Tashi Dundrup by HIS Teacher, Lineage Master Kalu Rinpoche in the 1970’s.

    In order for a teaching to truly be lineage-based, it must have originated with a human who has been recognized as having achieved full enlightenment. To date, there are no instructors in the field of Neo Tantra who have achieved this recognition by any school of traditional Tantric Practice.

    The Authentic Tantra® modality is an innovative yogic practice which, with the permission and blessings of our Lama, has woven these ancient, verifiably lineage-based Tibetan 5 Element Tantric Practices with an understanding of modern somatic science and approved methods from compatible disciplines to create a robust and highly effective healing modality.

    This unique blend makes these ancient Tibetan Tantric Healing Practices accessible to the modern person, and facilitates the healing and transformation of the body, mind, spirit and sexuality.



    The Four Pillars of Authentic Tantra® are:


    The structure of the Four Pillars is based upon ancient and contemporary knowledge about how socio-cultural conditioning, as well as the various forms of trauma, cause emotional, mental and physical suffering, specifically in the area of sexuality.


    Socio-cultural conditioning shapes the way we think, feel, and act. At its core is the pain that comes from the belief and experience of separation. We believe that our body is separate from our thinking and feeling, that our sexuality is separate from all things sacred, that as individuals we are separate from other beings and from our environment.


    In the area of sexuality, this dis-integrated belief system leads to some of the most widespread, violent and many-layered sources of suffering.


    The Four Pillars of Authentic Tantra® work together to cut through the layers of conditioning and trauma accumulated throughout our life, by awakening our innate capacity for healing and reconnecting with our Natural Mind  – that spark within each of us that is ever-present, eternal, loving and free.


    Practicing the Four Pillars of Authentic Tantra® awakens the inherent potential for healing that is embedded in human sexuality when it is honored as a sacred, integral part of our human existence and practiced with awareness, compassion, and loving-kindness.


    When applied alone or in conjunction with other practices, the Four Pillars provide comprehensive healing from four distinct angles.


    Every method and technique you will learn draws upon the Four Pillars in varying ways. The 11-month certification program provides you with the training required to effectively combine and apply each method “medicinally” in order to address specific issues for yourself and your future clients.


    Meditation plays a significant role in reversing/healing the damaging effects of trauma in the brain and nervous system. Studies have shown that meditation helps repair and rebuild gray and white matter in the areas of the brain that govern emotional self- awareness, self-regulation, self-image, memory, and attention. These are the same areas of the brain that are often damaged or altered via developmental, relational, and shock trauma.

    Trauma can alter brain functioning in many ways, but three of the most important changes appear to occur in the following areas:

    Mindfulness meditation has been proven to enhance healthy brain function in ALL of these areas and more!

    The Tibetan Five Element Meditations and teachings are lineage-based holistic healing methods that have been passed down from Teacher to student in an unbroken tradition for several thousand years. These ancient shamanistic techniques from the Tibetan and Bon traditions have been cultivated and refined for thousands of years, in order to produce healing of body and mind on a CELLULAR level by addressing the root cause of all illness and suffering; the five root poisons of human emotion.


    These methods are traditionally referred to as “shamanistic” because they allow us to work with the elemental energies of our own body and attune more deeply to the elemental energies in our environment; creating good health, abundance, emotional balance, and healthy relationships with ourselves, each other, and our environment.


    The five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space are the building blocks of life itself.


    During the 11-month tantra training you will cultivate mastery of the Tibetan Five Element Practices and their application for sexual and non-sexual healing.


    The Tibetan Five Element sexual yogas specifically are some of the most ancient and original instructions for harnessing human sexual energy and using it to cultivate transcendent states of consciousness, which in turn produces a ripple effect of healing between the genitals and the brain.


    Taoist sexual yoga practices have been used for over 5,000 years as a tool for cultivating and maintaining healthy sexual function. Using specific movement and breath techniques, students learn to harness the power of the energy body to enrich the physical body, creating more health, more pleasure, and optimal functioning of sexual systems.


    Our unique style of Tantric Movement integrates the Tibetan Five Element Meditations with specific yogic breathing methods and the Five Core Pelvic movements to create a fun and effective modality for somatic movement healing, awakening pleasure, joy, and empowered self-expression. These practices are inspired by the work of Anna Halprin, Founder of the Tamalpa Institute of Healing Arts and author of “Movement as a Healing Art”


    Non-Violent Communication is a communication “technology” developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg which helps the user translate emotions into allies, and identify the core underlying motivations driving all of the choices we make in every area of life. NVC has been endorsed by the Dali Lama as a powerful and effective tool for cultivating compassion with all human beings, most importantly ourselves.


    The Authentic Tantra® modality draws upon the most up to date scientific research into developmental, relational, and shock trauma.


    Our practitioners learn to identify different symptoms and expressions of trauma, how traumatic experiences are stored in the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) causing nervous system dysregulation, and how to effectively apply Authentic Tantra® methods to soothe the defensive circuits of the ANS and cultivate sustained nervous system regulation.


    “Somatic Healing” refers to an approach to healing which resources the inherent wisdom of the body and its natural imperative for health and balance. In this view, it is understood that “wellness” is the baseline function and deviations from this baseline are generally caused by the body’s response to traumatic or toxic stimuli held in the physical form.

    Our somatically based Tantric sexual healing methods allow practitioners to release emotions and trauma from the cellular tissue of the body and re-pattern the nervous system with the application of touch, movement, breath and somatic awareness. Through this release of emotional residue, connection, sensation, and function are restored to the body, mind, and spirit, and optimal sexual function can be experienced.


    The 4 Pillars of Authentic Tantra® can be applied to a wide range of issues and challenges for men, women and couples, regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

    Areas of Application

    The methods of Authentic Tantra® can help address:
    By the end of your 11-month training you will be prepared to:

    Authentic Tantra® is a holistic healing modality that can be easily integrated into a wide range of other disciplines.



    How The 2 Phases Are Delivered and How They Function to Support Your Certification

    Phase 201

    Advanced Tibetan 5 Element Tantra

    MODULE 1

    Understanding the Holistic Healing Science of Authentic Tantra®

    Authentic Tantra® As Medicine


    In Phase #1 of your training you were introduced to the methods of Authentic Tantra®. Module One of Phase #2 focuses on your ability to MASTER each of the healing methods and discern when and how to apply them to antidote trauma responses held in the nervous system, facilitate release, and restore the inherent bliss of being which is your birthright.

    You will also be given techniques to deepen your own personal Tantra practice, further clearing personal blocks and expanding your capacity to hold space for others.

    The bulk of the curriculum in Module One will be taught via bi-weekly, live group training sessions. Each group training session is taught by at least two of the Founders and is formatted to deepen both your understanding and application of this healing science, as well as provide you with a model for how to most effectively teach the content once you graduate.

    Because your healing and integration process is ongoing, you will be provided with a “Primary Instructor” for support with whom you’ll meet individually, bi-weekly. Your primary instructor is chosen from our team of highly trained certified Authentic Tantra® Teacher Trainers who have completed a minimum of 500 hours of tantra training in Authentic Tantra® and have been teaching in the field of Tantra and holistic healing for a minimum of 2 years.

    We believe that personal support is vital to your growth and understanding of the Authentic Tantra® modality, and we are committed to guiding you through this transformative process.

    In this module alone you will receive over 12 hours of personalized one-on-one coaching support with an Authentic Tantra® Teacher Trainer, and 24 hours of group training.

    Additionally, you’ll have access to community support via our Facebook certification group page where you can interact with your fellow classmates and instructors.

    Module One Course Delivery Structure

    24 HOURS
    Bi-Monthly Live Group Training Sessions
    12 Sessions
    One-on-One Personalized Support
    4 Hours
    Tantra Homeplay Activities per week
    1/2 hour
    Tantric Meditation 5 days per week
    2 Hours
    Coursework Reading per week


    Authentic Tantra® Certification Program Module One Textbook

    Exclusive video content of our trademarked sexual healing methods

    Access to an exclusive online training vault with course materials

    Certification Facebook Group for community connection


    Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to correctly identify and state:

    In addition, students will be expected to:

    MODULE 2

    In-Person Embodiment Training


    The summer immersion embodiment training is five days of intense group learning in a beautiful environment filled with nurturing and loving energy.

    Human beings are wired for connection. The latest research in effective trauma healing validates the necessity of human connection and community for resolving the effects of different types of trauma. To this end, the Module 2 Summer Embodiment Training is an indispensable component of your professional tantra training, as it provides you with the embodied experience of compassion-based, therapeutic relationships which are essential to resolving different forms of developmental and relational trauma.

    The Module 2 Summer Embodiment Training is a five-day immersion experience in which you will have the rare and precious opportunity to live, learn, grow, and play with your Tantric classmates and instructors in a supervised and supportive healing environment.

    The magic created by having 20 practitioners of this shamanistic healing modality all together under one roof is truly indescribable! The group dynamic with a focus on loving kindness, compassion, and empathy catalyzes a depth of healing that would otherwise not be possible.

    During this Embodiment Training, you will form life-long bonds with your classmates as you integrate and deepen your understanding of the Authentic Tantra® healing modality.

    The training is filled with demonstrations and experiential practice sessions. The training sessions will enhance your embodied understanding of all the techniques you’ve learned so far, and you’ll also learn new practices to take your comprehension of the modality to the next level.

    *** Embodiment Trainings are mandatory and may require an additional cost for travel, food and accommodation. All Embodiment Training instruction and support hours are included in your Certification program tuition. Please see payment plan options for more info.

    Some of our previous participants have experienced the healing and resolution of:



    Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to demonstrate the ability to teach:

    In addition, students will be expected to:

    Integration Break: 4 Weeks

    After your in-person training, you’ll get a four week break to rest, rejuvenate and integrate everything you’ve just learned. This will also give you time to find 2-3 practice students in preparation for Module Three.

    During this time, you will also be required to complete a written exam to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the theory and methods you have learned.

    Phase 202

    Applied Tibetan 5 Element Tantra

    MODULE 3

    Becoming an Authentic Tantra® Practitioner


    In this Module you will begin to practice the various aspects of becoming an Authentic Tantra® Practitioner:

    In Module 3, you will begin to practice coaching others as an Authentic Tantra® Trainee.


    You will continue to receive biweekly, personal support from your Teacher Trainer to help you transition into the role of coach while deepening your understanding of the modality.

    The focus of this Module is to maintain your own personal Tantra practice while beginning to help others as an Authentic Tantra® Trainee. You will be required to find 2-3 people who are willing to learn from you while you are still undergoing training.

    In addition to your individual sessions, you will continue attending bi-weekly Group Business Coaching Sessions, where you will learn practical tools to build your coaching business.


    Module Three Practitioner’s Textbook: Authentic Tantra® Coaching Blueprints: Turnkey Solutions for Your Business

    Bi-weekly individual sessions supporting and guiding you as you teach others and your primary instructor in preparation for the final oral exams

    Bi-weekly group sessions with your class, learning how to apply the Four Pillars of Authentic Tantra® in your coaching practice.

    Working directly with 2-3 “practice” clients to deepen your experience in applying the modality as medicine.


    Upon successful completion of this module, students will be expected to:

    In addition, students will be required to:

    MODULE 4

    In-Person Exams + Graduation

    Demonstrate your ability to teach the Authentic Tantra® Modality.

    This Module consists of a 5 day in-person training in which you and your classmates will demonstrate proficiency in all the Authentic Tantra® methods.

    The final Module will allow you to demonstrate your ability to teach the Authentic Tantra® Modality.

    Upon successful graduation, you will receive your Authentic Tantra® Practitioner Certificate and celebrate your success!


    *** In-person trainings are mandatory and may require an additional cost. Please see payment plan options for more info.



    In order to successfully complete this module, students will be expected to demonstrate the ability to teach (in small groups) all of the practices and theory associated with the Authentic Tantra® holistic healing modality as outlined in the learning objectives of modules 1-3 to the standards of the Senior Instructors, including:

    In addition, students will be expected to:


    In 2013, Devi Ward Erickson was given permission by Lama Tashi Dundrup to train qualified practitioners in the use of the Tibetan 5 Element Practices as part of a sexual healing modality. The Authentic Tantra® Certification program officially began in 2014 and in 2016 we launched the first ever 11-month training program, which has grown into the in-depth, 2-phase tantra training program for “Practitioners of Natural Healing” that exists today.


    The Authentic Tantra® Certification Program showcases a team of qualified practitioners dedicated to supporting new students on their journey of sexual and spiritual healing. Your support team has been carefully curated based on the depth of their skill and degree of competency in practicing and teaching the methods of Authentic Tantra®.


    Each Teacher Trainer has also been sanctioned by Lama Tashi to train students and support them through this process.


    Devi Ward Erickson

    Founder of IATE and the Authentic Tantra® Holistic Healing modality

    Chris Erickson 2022

    Dr. Chris Erickson

    Senior Instructor and Senior Educational Administrator


    Alaina Salks

    Senior Instructor and Certification Program Manager

    Karen Faculty NEW

    Karen Cornick

    Senior Certification Instructor and Director of Phase 1

    Laurie McCracken

    Senior Certification Instructor and IATE Community Outreach Director


    Sequieta Whitfield

    Certification Instructor


    Ahmane’ Glover

    Certification Instructor


    Lucia Vasquez

    Phase 1 Instructor

    Registrations is Now Open!!


    Apply Today and take advantage of these bonuses!

    Plus, SAVE $250 when you enroll before April 1st 2024 

    2025 In-Person Training Schedule

    In-Person Trainings are a mandatory part of the program. They serve to deepen your embodiment of the practices you will be teaching and build strong bonds with your Authentic Tantra community.

    Module 2 In-Person Embodiment Training

    TBD – In person trainings are typically between 6-7 days long

    (please plan for a window between June 10th – 30th 2025)

    Module 4 In-Person Exams + Graduation

    TBD – In person trainings are typically between 6-7 days long

    (please plan for a window between November 2nd – 20th 2025)


    Our Tantra Training Program is done almost entirely online with the exception of TWO In-Person Embodiment Trainings that take place in the 2nd year of your training. These trainings are 1 week long and typically occur in June + November.

    Because we are a Canadian based company, the rules regarding student aid are determined by the provincial government. In Canada, Institutions offering government funded student aid must be “Designated” as well as certified by PTIB. IATE is currently certified but not “Designated” and is currently not eligible to provide government funded student aid. That being said, Banks and other lenders may be willing to provide low interest student loans for this training program, due to being government certified. Please check with your local lender to find out more. We do offer 100% Financing Options for both Phase 1 + 2 of our Certification Program.

    A normal class size for the 11 Month ATCP is roughly 20-25 students. We intentionally keep our class sizes small in order to cultivate and contain the type of sacred emotional space that is required for the depth of healing this program provides.

    This is not a “McTantra” training program in which we are certifying hundreds of people per year with an inadequate and superficial understanding of how to effectively implement authentic, lineage based tantric methods to support clients in overcoming trauma and permanently heal sexual issues.

    The Authentic Tantra® Certification Program is a government accredited, lineage based, legally designated training in holistic sexual healing. We keep our classes small to honor the depth and sacredness of this process.

    Tantra is often referred to as the “new yoga” in North America. As such it is a growing trend that has not even come close to peaking yet.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there teaching different versions of Tantra which may or may not be rooted in authentic and traditional tantric practices, and this can cause confusion in the marketplace.

    We believe that as Tantra becomes more and more mainstream consumers will be looking for teachers and coaches who are able to offer authentic, lineage-based tantric methods, and who have graduated from an accredited training program. Being a graduate of the first and only government accredited school for Tantra will make you exceptional in this industry.

    In addition to this, we are thrilled to provide “Turn-key” business blueprints for all of our graduates as part of their training. These business blueprints provide you with a variety of time- tested and proven strategies for setting up a sustainable coaching practice,- including workshops, lectures, and personal coaching programs. These turn-key business blueprints are based on 40+ years of combined business and teaching expertise from our core team of instructors.

    Our Continuing Education Program further supports you as you begin to build your practice, both personally and professionally. Our commitment to you doesn’t end the day you graduate! You will have ongoing access and support from the Founders and Senior Instructors through monthly online webinars, Practitioner Facebook group, and the loving support of Sangha.

    The Authentic Tantra® modality is medicine to help ease suffering in all forms. Given the traumatized state of our world, and all those who are in deep need of relief, there is limitless opportunity for the sharing of these holistic healing practices.

    IATE is the first and only government accredited school for Tantra in the world.

    We are the ONLY Tantra training program in the world sanctioned to use the ancient, lineage-based Tibetan Five Element Practices specifically for sexual healing.

    We are the ONLY school for Tantra that has been sanctioned by a Lama of the Tibetan Tantric Tradition

    Our 2 Phase process is the most in-depth Tantra training program available and our graduates receive over 500 hours of government approved training in the field of holistic sexual healing.

    Yes! The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is the ONLY government accredited school for Tantric sexual healing IN THE WORLD.

    IATE holds two accreditations from governing bodies in the field of advanced education:

    The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is accredited by The American Board of Sexology as an approved training Institute in the field of Sexology. This means that graduates of our certification training are eligible to receive the additional title of “Board Certified Sexologist” after completing the Authentic Tantra Certification Program in its entirety.

    September 26th, 2019 – The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education became registered as an approved training Institute with the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training of BC Canada.

    The 11-month Authentic Tantra® Certification Program was reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training in British Columbia, Canada, as a valid vocational training program which leads to a concrete and viable career path.

    In addition:

    On June 2nd 2023, the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education became registered as an approved AASECT CE Provider!

    As of 2023 Ubiquity University has partnered with The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education to offer students an opportunity to upgrade their coursework to Graduate Degrees.

    The Authentic Tantra modality is now an internationally recognized “Natural Therapeutic Modality” by IICT. Our graduates enjoy professional credibility, support, and access to affordable business insurance to support their professional growth.

    Absolutely not. All genital healing and pleasure techniques are demonstrated on anatomical models. You will have the opportunity to practice “hands on” somatic sexual healing sessions in the form of yoni or lingam massage. Sexual contact in the form of oral or genital intercourse is strictly prohibited during training sessions, and in all circumstances prohibited between teachers and students.

    Somatic sexual healing sessions during retreat are always performed with the supervision of a senior Authentic Tantra® Instructor.

    Students who do not wish to participate in somatic sexual healing sessions will be given the opportunity to practice on anatomical rubber models with the support and guidance of an Authentic Tantra® Instructor.

    Participating in somatic sexual healing sessions is not a mandatory part of the training and has no bearing on graduation.

    There are a number of factors that we look to when determining the success and aptitude of our students. Some of these factors are tangible and some are non-tangible. Your performance as a practitioner is assessed by, but not limited to, the following standards:

    How well you understand the technique or method.

    How well you understand WHY we perform the technique or method

    How embodied you are in your personal practice

    How well you hold space for the healing process of yourself and your classmates.

    How well you implement the methods to resolve internal and external conflicts.

    Your ability to effectively and accurately teach each of the methods and practices associated with the Authentic Tantra modality.

    We are committed to the success of our students, and we do everything possible to ensure that you not only understand each of the methods, but you are able to effectively integrate them into your life. Your ability to teach Authentic Tantra® is based upon your personal practice. Your graduation with certification is entirely dependent upon how well you understand each of the methods and how effectively you are able to teach them to others. Just like any other professional training program, your ability to graduate is dependent upon the time, energy, and effort you devote to cultivating your chosen craft. The program structure was designed to be comprehensive, while at the same time making it easy to integrate into a busy modern lifestyle. If you follow the program as instructed, there is every reason you will successfully complete the program and graduate.

    There are a lot of “Tantra” and sacred sexuality certification courses being offered, all with varying degrees of credibility. It can be really challenging to know which course is right for you.

    Some things to consider when determining the right program for you:

    A. How do you want to practice Tantra? The Authentic Tantra Certification Program provides you with the training necessary to be an effective Tantra Coach. We teach somatically based healing and pleasure methods so that our practitioners can lead individuals and couples through learning these practices to implement in their personal lives. IF you are looking primarily to work as a “hands on” sexual healer offering “Tantra Massage” this may not be the training for you.

    B. How important are “credentials” to you? The Authentic Tantra® Certification Program is the ONLY Tantra certification program in the world that has been has been reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. The curriculum for this training program underwent a vigorous review by the Ministry of Education in Canada and was found to effectively meet their educational standards.

    C. How important is it that your Tantra is lineage based? Traditionally, all real, authentic tantra is rooted in lineage. Lineage is what distinguishes “authentic” tantra from “neo” or new-age Tantra. Lineage creates a safety net for your Tantra practice by giving you a clear set of moral and ethical standards and guidelines to adhere to. Lineage also infuses your Tantra practice with efficacy, compassion, power, and wisdom, so that you will see and experience real, long-lasting results over the lifetime of your practice. Lineage is also what makes this a truly spiritual practice. Traditional Tantra IS a spiritual science cultivated for thousands of years. If you aren’t interested in the intersection of spirituality, sexuality, and your humanity, this is not the program for you.

    Our most successful graduates are those who felt a strong calling to the Institute, and after reading this syllabus and meeting with our Senior Teachers, knew in their bones that this was THE program for them.

    We can say with 100% integrity that The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education offers the most authentic, lineage-based tantric healing methods available today.

    We are the only government accredited school for Tantric healing in the world.

    We offer the most legitimate, credentialed training program in the field of modern tantra and our two-phase training process produces the most competent and effective practitioners in the field of holistic sexual wellness.