Code of Ethics

Institute of Authentic Tantra Education Code of Ethics

Authentic Tantra® is a trademarked holistic sexual healing modality which includes the application of the Tibetan 5 Element Teachings of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. The modality is owned by Devi Ward Erickson and licensed by the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education.

The founders of the Institute take their responsibility for sharing The Tibetan 5 Element Tantric Teachings with the general public very seriously. It is in our interest to protect these ancient Tantric teachings by making sure that the spreading of them happens in a way that preserves their authenticity as well as protects the Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioners and their clients.

This document, in conjunction with the document titled Certification through IATE, is created in order to serve this purpose.

The Code of Ethics and Ethical Codes of Conduct was created and implemented in 2016. All Authentic Tantra® Practitioners who have obtained their Certification in 2016 or later have signed and are bound by this Code. Graduates from previous years are encouraged to sign and practice by this code. Signature of this document is one of the requirements for being endorsed by the Institute.

The Institute recommends anyone looking for a Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioner to ensure that they connect with a practitioner who has signed this Code and is endorsed on this website.

Download the Authentic Tantra® Code of Ethics and Ethical Codes of Conduct below.