Creating a sexually alive partnership with Lee Noto

In the field of sexual health and wellness there is a keen interest in creating “conscious partnership”. But what does this mean in practical terms and how does one go about transforming an ordinary relationship into one that is more awakened, aware, and sexually ALIVE!

Join Devi Ward Erickson and her guest, Lee Noto, intimacy and self-expression coach, as they explore what it means to have a “conscious” partnership and how how you can you use communication and SEX to activate your connection.

  • What is a “conscious partnership”
  • What does a conscious partnership include/look like and feel like?
  • How can we elegantly navigate conflict and steer toward connection
  • What it “really” means to hold space for yourself & your partner
  • How to become aware of our own projections in partnership
  • Embodiment practices to deal with relational triggers
  • How to create a sexually ALIVE partnership


Tune in to the 2021 ASSECT Live Web Series show, Sex Is Medicine with Devi Ward Erickson!

About Lee Noto

Lee guides women on a journey to embodying their Inner High Priestess, so that they can create a deep, intimate relationship with themselves and effortlessly create their dream partnership. Her mission is to help women feel empowered and free in their expression.

In her “past life,” she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Entrepreneurship and her Master’s Degree in Education. From teaching in the classrooms of Hawaii to running multiple businesses in New York City, she has a reverence for nature, learning, and quick wit.

In “this life,” Lee is a master coach with certifications in holistic coaching and transformational coaching, and has deeply studied personal development, sacred sexuality, and spirituality. She shares powerful communication tools and somatic practices that allow clients to connect deeply to their emotions and bodies.

By guiding clients into deeper self-love, self-acceptance, curiosity, and play, Lee helps them boldly open their hearts in order to give and receive the epic love they desire. She is most loved for her ability to hold a safe space for clients to step into their power and create a bliss-filled life.

Find Lee on Instagram HERE

Learn more about Lee on her website HERE

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