Looking For Credibility In Tantra Education?

As the Tantra, yoga, and sex education world continue to be rocked by sexual abuse and misconduct scandals, finding a credible Tantra school and/or Tantra practitioners can seem impossible.

Which is such a shame! Tantra can be such a profoundly healing modality of practice. It’s tragic that the abuse and misuse have given modern Tantra such a negative reputation.

This is exactly why I and my team founded the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education. We are dedicated to providing ethical and effective Tantric instruction to individuals and communities who are seeking a healthy, balanced, and sacred approach to sex education.

Here are a few things that make us stand out in the field:

  • Our methods are rooted in lineage based, Tibetan Tantric Buddhist teachings designed to catalyze profound healing and transformation in the body, mind, emotions, and sexuality.


  • We are the only school for Tantra education in North America that requires practitioners to sign and adhere to a code of ethics to ensure that safety and integrity are maintained within the organization.


  • We are professionally accredited by the American Board of Sexology and are government certified here in beautiful B.C. Canada.


All of these items are unprecedented in the world of Western Tantra, and we feel deeply satisfied knowing that our commitment to the core values of altruism, loving-kindness, compassion, and spiritual integrity allow us to be trailblazers in this field.

We are committed to creating structures that protect the sanctity of these teachings and promote the wellness, balance, and excellence of our practitioners and their future clients.

Which brings us to our next point…

To fulfill the requirements for accreditation and additional designation as a legally recognized alternative healing modality our Tantra Certification Program now consists of 2 distinct parts.


STEP #1- Consists of completing the Tantra education prerequisite – 13 session Tantra Mastery Training Program.

Click here to learn more!


This personal one-on-one Tantra coaching program introduces you to the methods of Authentic Tantra® and builds a stable foundation for your professional certification training the following year.

This 13 session training MUST be completed in order for you to be eligible for the 11-month certification training program.

Once completed, you will have the opportunity to continue your training unsupervised until the 11-month training begins, with specially selected texts and ongoing access to video training materials.

For optimum results, this portion of your training should BEGIN between now and April 2019. Because this is a PERSONAL coaching program, rather than group coaching, you can start your program at any time during the recommended window.

Remember… it takes 4 months to complete, so if you begin in January you will be completing your prerequisite in April. If you begin in April you will be finishing in July/August.

The sooner you get started and finish, the sooner you can claim your spot for the upcoming 11-month certification training.


Step #2- The second year of Tantra education training will begin Jan. 1st, 2020.

This portion of your training consists of 11 months of the most complete sexual and non-sexual Tantric training available in North America.

This extensive 11-month tantra certification program deepens your comprehension of and competency in the practice of Authentic Tantra®, and prepares you for being a professional in the field of sexology.

Building upon the practices you learned in the Tantra Mastery Training, this tantra certification training gives you the knowledge, tools, and guidance to be a highly effective, highly qualified, and highly successful Tantra Coach.

This portion the training program begins January 1st, 2020 and ends December 1st, 2020.

Please note~ Registration for 2020 is available year round and ONLY to those who have completed the prerequisite Tantra Mastery Training.

We currently only have 20 spots available per year and we operate on a first- come, first-serve basis.

So if you believe certification with the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is part of your calling in life, we urge you to move forward ASAP to claim your place in this training program!

Because of the increasing value of the certification training due to the additional accreditations we have acquired and are currently pursuing, prices for the Tantra Mastery training will be going UP in 2019.

We are letting you know all of this for two reasons:

#1- To give you a heads up about the price increase

#2- To give you one last opportunity to take advantage of the previous pricing for 2018.

When you apply for and confirm with deposit your Tantra Mastery Training BY DEC. 28th, 2018, you will receive the entire 13 session mastery training + all extra bonuses materials at the 2018 rate.

This price includes:
  • 13 hours of private one-on-one coaching with one of our experienced and highly trained Tantra Mastery Coaches.
  • One year access to an online vault with textbooks, videos, and additional training resources
  • 2 Textbooks and Student Logbook to log your practice and training hours for additional accreditations.
  • Gspot wand for sexual healing
  • Recordings of all your sessions to keep as a private video training guide.


Did that get your attention? Great! Here’s what you need to do to get your Tantra Education:

#1- Click HERE to apply for the 13 session prerequisite Tantra Mastery Training program ASAP.

#2- During the application process, you will be given the opportunity to choose an instructor to work with. You can choose from any of our Certified Instructors. You can choose one of us because you feel a special resonance, or you can choose next available and leave it up to chance.

It’s your call 🙂

Once you have submitted your application you will be contacted by your Instructor within 48 hours to schedule a video consultation.

This gives you an opportunity to meet face to face with your chosen Instructor, learn more about the program, get questions answered, and discuss payment options.

If you determine the program is a good fit, you and your Tantra Coach will schedule your sessions and get you started on your journey.


Wondering if this program is for you? Click here to watch video testimonials from our previous graduates!

We are honored to the only professionally accredited school for Tantra in North America and look forward to supporting you in your successful career as a Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner.

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