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The “three jewels” of Tantric Buddhism are; Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. The word “Sangha” refers to the community of spiritual practitioners who are using the same methods of healing and realization, and whom you can turn to for support along the path.

The Directors and Instructors of IATE know from personal experience how essential community support is for healing trauma and overcoming internal “blocks to bliss”. We are dedicated to providing ourselves and our students sustainable systems to access ongoing support for healing.

A householder and Tantric Yogi, Lama Tashi has supported and sanctioned our use of authentic Tibetan Tantric healing methods, combined with contemporary cutting-edge knowledge about sexuality, trauma, and holistic healing, in order to create effective methods for addressing the root causes of illness and suffering in our modern world.

Each of the Directors has taken refuge in the Shangpa and Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. Our “Root Lama” is Lama Tashi Dundrup of the Kauai Dharma Center. (Find out more about Lama Tashi here!)

It is our mission and purpose to bring these authentic and lineage based Tantric healing methods out into the world with clarity, integrity, compassion, and power.

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Devi Ward Erickson

Founder of IATE and the Authentic Tantra® Holistic Healing modality

Dr. Chris Erickson

Senior Instructor and Senior Educational Administrator

Alaina Salks

Senior Instructor and Certification Program Manager

Karen Craig

Senior Certification Instructor and Director of Tantra Mastery Program

Brion Craig

Certification and Tantra Mastery Instructor, Marketing Director

Laurie McCracken

Senior Certification Instructor and IATE Community Outreach Director for BC Interior

Candice Anitra

ACS Certified Sexologist & Certified Authentic Tantra®Practitioner

Ahmane’ Glover

Certification and Tantra Mastery Instructor

Sequieta Whitfield

Certification and Tantra Mastery Instructor, Student Sangha Support Liason, Retreat Manager, Administrative Manager

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*The Tantra Mastery Training Program does not require approval by the registrar of the private Training Institute Branch (PTIB). As such, the registrar did not review this program.