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A Step By Step Guide To Uncovering & Removing Your Blocks To Bliss!

Restore Your Full Capacity For Sexual Pleasure!

The Female Orgasm Intensive is the most comprehensive Tantric Video Training Program available online!

And right now you can get it for just $40/month or $399/year!!(Save $80)


Join The Female Orgasm Intensive!

The Female Orgasm Intensive is an online Tantric Video Training Program offering
you the most enjoyable and effective tools for:

Using pleasure as medicine to heal trauma and restore sensation.
Using ancient tantric practices to heal and transform body, mind, spirit & sex
Awakening over 11 different kinds of orgasmic pleasure
Creating more fulfilling intimate relationships- with your self and everyone around you!
Breaking through blocks & limitations to experience greater bliss & joy In all areas of your life
Overcoming sexual shame and guilt to feel more liberated and self expressed



Why Focus On Pleasure?

Pleasure is medicine!

There are 4 primary forms of pleasure we are able to access as human beings…

Physical/Sensual Pleasure
Emotional Pleasure
Spiritual Pleasure
Sexual Pleasure
female orgasm intensive tantric training program

When we experience any of the four forms of pleasure the body releases a chemical cocktail of mood enhancing, anti aging, immune boosting, and over all awesome hormones and neurotransmitters.

All four forms of pleasure are mood, life, and health enriching, but sexual pleasure is significantly more so. It’s one of the quickest ways of building these regenerative chemistries in the blood stream!

Recent scientific studies have proven the more empowered a woman feels in her sexual pleasure, the more empowered she feels to live her purpose + realize her dreams, goals & desires!

Inner Benefits

Outer Benefits

Healing Benefits

Here’s what you will learn in each module of the Female Orgasm Intensive…

*Please Note: Modules in our Tantric Training Programs are released bi-weekly in order to make sure you have plenty of time to integrate each practice and reduce the risk of overwhelm that may occur with the practices if they are not each properly integrated.

Module One

Module Two

Module Three

Module Four

Module Five

Module Six

The Female Orgasm Intensive Program is being offered for $40 per month as part of our Authentic Tantra® Membership Program!

So, here’s what you get…

What’s Included in your membership?

The Authentic Tantra Membership Program consists of:

The Female Orgasm Intensive ONLINE tantric video training PLUS…

Online Library

Imagine having a face- to- face meeting with some of the most qualified Tantra instructors in North America, who are there specifically to guide and support you on your journey, every single month!

And, between the live monthly sessions, your membership gives you access to our team of Instructors in your online portal for questions and support.


female orgasm intensive tantric training program

What if you could experience pleasure & sex as medicine?

Discover The Art of Using Tantra to Heal & Awaken your Full Pleasure Potential!

Below are unedited testimonials from program users about their
experience with the Female Orgasm Intenisve:

What is your disconnection from pleasure costing you?

Your inherent and natural state is one of bliss, joy and connection to all of life. Knowing and experiencing this is your birthright.

Healing and awakening your sexuality is an integral part of this.

What if you had the keys to unlock your full sexual potential, thereby connecting with the deepest, most sacred and intimate part of your Self?

You are entitled to experience profound love, deep connection, pleasure, orgasms, joy, passion and freedom from all forms of suffering.

Tantra is the key to unlocking all of this and more.