Free yourself from sexual shame and empower your life!

Our culture teaches us sexual shame. It is a learned behavior.

We are taught to feel shame and embarrassment about sex.

We are NOT born this way! This is not natural or inherent to human beings.

What if every time we came together to make love we healed our body and nurtured our soul?

We can’t be integrated beings until we reclaim our full potential as human beings.. to activate and awaken body, mind and spirit!

In Tibetan lineage, at the moment of orgasm, we get a glimpse of God, of Enlightenment. In that moment of orgasm we reach ecstasy, utter bliss – our true potential!

Orgasm changes the brainwave patterns to create connection. Connection to God, connection to our universal consciousness, connection to our community. That’s going to have an amazing effect on us, our community and our planet!

~Devi Ward

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