In this episode Devi speaks with Rakel Chafir, Author of “Free Your Body” about body shame, body freedom, finding alignment between what we want and what we believe we deserve and the TRUE meaning of confidence.

With everything that is going on in the world, it’s easy to believe that women’s ability to receive pleasure and experience ease in our lives and in our bodies is not the most pressing issue. But in reality, there is nothing more relevant we could be speaking about at this moment. The current state of the world is a reflection of a society where women don’t get to play a relevant enough role in decision making. That’s because most of us are too busy feeling insecure, afraid, and unaware that our worth is our birthright. When we restore our body self-regulating abilities and free our selves from the blocks and limiting beliefs about our bodies we have acquired from our upbringing and cultural environment, we can ground in our physical presence, access our true power, and create a life on our terms.

The journey to body freedom is not about becoming something that we are not, or forcing our body into shape, but rather returning to our truth. Within each one of us, there is a divine woman; confident, in tune with her body, able to experience pleasure and ready show up powerfully in her life. She is free from excess emotional and physical weight. She knows how to self-regulate and she is separate from the layers of insecurities and limiting beliefs that are covering her up. All we have to do, is be willing to reconnect with her. With that willingness and the right tools, we can start chopping away, and one layer after the other, see her come to life.


Join us for this beautiful and freeing conversation…

About Rakel Chafir

Rakel Chafir is a body confidence expert and success coach who teaches women how to heal their relationship with their body so they can reach their full potential in life. Her signature approach combines physical movement, resilience training and spiritual principles to help clients let go of unwanted weight, eliminate addictive behaviors, and more. Rakel has worked in some of New York City’s most elite studios as a certified personal trainer and also has an extensive background in health and wellness that includes being a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, a Master Expert in Hypopressive Abdominal Method and more. Her expertise has been featured on Thrive Global, CEOWorld Magazine, She Owns It, Best Self Media, Addicted2Success and more. Rakel is the author of Free Your Body: 7 Steps To Get The Freedom You Deserve and the Body You Desire (November 17, 2020).



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