We had an awesome question come in regarding healing karma with sexual tantra, essentially, is this a thing that we can do?


And the answer is “YES!”. Keep reading to find out exactly why and HOW…


Tibetan Medicine, which is inextricably woven with Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, teaches us that there are 3 “minds” that govern our experience as humans.


The 3 minds are:

  1. The gross mind which resides in the head and governs our intellectual
  2. The subtle mind which resides in the heart center and is where we can access and cultivate enlightened consciousness
  3. The very subtle mind which resides “at the bottom end of the central channel” aka the genitals.


The very subtle mind carries the imprints of all of our karma, all of our propensities, all of our traumas and triumphs, all of these experiences are accumulated in the very subtle mind and follow us from lifetime to lifetime.

Now I don’t know about you, but I am not here for continuing to carry the baggage of trauma from lifetime to lifetime. I want to work that ish out and leave this incarnation as free and clear as I possibly can.

This is where lineage-based sexual tantra can play a massive role in helping liberate us from past trauma.

Peak experiences, such as orgasm, allow us to get a glimpse into the very subtle mind. Proper training in lineage-based tantric methods allows us to work directly and consciously with these “peaks of pleasure” and use them skillfully for healing and repair of trauma/wounds from this lifetime and others. I’ve also personally worked with ancestral traumas actively and consciously using the sexual and non-sexual application of Tibetan 5 Element Tantra.

Lineage-based Tantra is a form of technology that has the power to heal and repair generational trauma and lifetimes of accumulated karma through the bliss of meditation, movement, connection, and intentional sexual pleasure.

This is why lineage-based, sexual Tantra is so valuable and why we believe it is your birthright as a human being to have support and skills for embracing your sexuality as the powerful tool for healing that it actually is.

Don’t let this system fool you – your sexual pleasure is a gift from God. Your sexual pleasure is a powerful mechanism for healing your heart, your mind, your body, and your spirit. Just knowing this is a form of medicine that you can bring into your next sexual experience.

Now that you know more about the healing power of your pleasure, and why sex is vital to your tantra practice, we encourage you to make good use of this wisdom and cultivate your ability to REST in the bliss of your own true nature… which is LOVE.


Watch the video below for more!

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