What are the historical roots of neo-tantra?

The way the word “Tantra” is used in Western culture typically conflates this ancient spiritual practice with, as one practitioner describes it, “a hand job with a stick of incense”, or candlelit orgies, or, “hands-free” energy orgasms that somehow “heal trauma” by bypassing the physical body entirely – even though trauma is a physiological issue with psychological repercussions.

But, for those of us who practice authentic, lineage-based Tantra, the conflation of Tantra with group orgies and erotic massage is a gross misrepresentation of these ancient wisdom traditions, and is, in fact, profoundly racist – as the misinterpretation and misappropriation of the word “tantra” is firmly rooted in the white supremacist ideology of colonialism.

Join Devi Ward Erickson and Relationship Coach and practitioner of Kashmir Shaivism, Mel Cassidy, as they discuss the historical roots of Neo-Tantra in the West.

In this episode, find out:

  • The importance of lineage in authentic Tantra
  • The signs and symptoms of not practicing Tantra within a lineage
  • The sinister roots of Neo-Tantra
  • How “sex magick” started as ritualistic abuse of underage boys and girls and how it is NOT in any way related to authentic Tantra.
  • How to be an ethical practitioner of Neo-Tantra

Join us for a joyfully expressive interview in which we are sure to press many Neo-Tantra buttons!

Mel Cassidy


My name is Mel, and I want to live in a world where people can connect fearlessly.

I guide social misfits and cultural rebels to experiences of joyful, embodied, authentic, open relationships.

My goal is to empower you to have relationships that are healthy, courageous, and fulfilling.

I believe in your ability to craft and co-create the kind of relationship landscape you are excited to be part of every day.

I compassionately challenge you to examine how old ideas might be holding you back, how fear might be running the show, and I guide you through new skills and perspectives for building radical relationships.

Connect with Mel HERE

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