We have some exciting news for you….as you may or may not know, IATE was recently approved to offer AASECT CED credits to their network of certified sexuality educators, counselors, and therapists. 


For those who are unfamiliar, AASECT is the often referred to as “The Gold Standard” in terms of credibility in the field of sexology. AASECT certification is one of THE MOST coveted certifications in the field of professional sexology. Their standards are rigorous and the process to becoming AASECT certified has typically been extensive and demanding, not unlike our  Authentic Tantra Certification Program 😉


This week it was confirmed by AASECT that the academic training hours of the Authentic Tantra Certification Program can be used to fulfill the Human Sexuality Education: Core Knowledge academic requirements to becoming AASECT Certified.


This is HUGE for us, but how does this impact you?


This means: If you are looking for academic training in the field of sexology that fulfills the core knowledge requirements to become an AASECT Certified Sex Educator, the Authentic Tantra Certification Training program meets these requirements.


According to AASECT: anyone can become an AASECT member, there are no qualifications for membership. But applying for AASECT certification is separate, that is where the academic qualifications apply. Because IATE government-accredited, it meets the academic qualifications for AASECT certification.


We’re pretty sure we are the only Tantra School in the world that offers a pathway to AASECT certification ☺ 


The credibility of Authentic Tantra Certification Program is truly unique in the field of Tantra and Sexology. 


Becoming certified through IATE offers you:

  • The confidence and integrity of graduating from a government accredited learning institute, whose curriculum has gone through rigorous and extensive review by a government agency committed to consumer safety
  • Additional certification as an American Board of Sexology (ABS) Certified Sexologist (with no additional training necessary)
  • The core curriculum to pursue an advanced degree (master’s or Ph.D.) in Authentic Tantra with an emphasis on Tibetan 5 Element Tantra for holistic sexual healing with Ubiquity University 
  • Core sexuality training for becoming an AASECT Certified Sex Educator 


The Founders and entire teaching team at IATE have worked diligently to provide our students with the MOST in-depth and professionally credentialed tantra certification training available, which offers avenues for additional certifications by some of the most esteemed organizations in the field of holistic sexual wellness.


Honestly, what other Western Tantra school offers their students this level of professional credibility and academic excellence? 

And, if you are looking to fulfill AASECT CED credits for your certified sexuality educator requirements you can fulfill those with IATE too!


 As of this upcoming week, doors are opening on our AASECT CED Authentic Tantra Courses!


These CED courses will be open to ALL of you on our mailing list (thank you for being here) and these courses will also be approved for AASECT CED credits.


For those seeking AASECT credits, each course content description will clearly outline:

  • The Total CE Credits
  • The AASECT Categories such as:

Core Knowledge Areas and Training

Sexuality Counseling (SC) Training

Sex Therapy (ST) Training

Want to Learn More?

Learn more about our AASECT CED Authentic Tantra Courses! Starting May 4th we will be offering AASECT Approved Courses throughout the rest of the year.

Register Today!

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