Tantric Sexology 101 Q&A – Can I still have cervical orgasms after hysterectomy?


This is a very common question for many yoni owners who have had a hysterectomy, and there is no easy answer to this.


As I explain in the video below the type/flavors of orgasm that you are able to exerience post hysterectomy are largely determined by the type of surgery you had and the nerve pathways that were left intact.


It is also important to be aware that the uterus and cervix are triple innervated by the hypogastric, pelvic, and vagus nerves, so even though these orgasm were removed, depending on the type of surgery you had, there may very well be numerous nerve fibers remaining in that area.


As with ANY surgery/injury/illness, there WILL be a need for rehabilitation, and that is where Authentic Tantra comes into play.


Authentic Tantra is energy body medicine. This modality uses the 4 Pillars of Healing- movement, meditation, connection, and pleasure to feed, nourish, and enrich the ENERGY BODY specifically, which then translates to every aspect of our human existence.


Watch the video below for more!

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