IATE Anti-Racism Covenant

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education is a trauma-informed, anti-racist organization. 

What does it mean to be an "anti-racist" organization?

For us it means:

We, the Founders, Directors, Faculty and Staff of IATE agree to the following:

1. Racism is a trauma and we can’t be a trauma-informed organization and not acknowledge the impact of racism

2. Our organization agrees that this is the definition of racism:  Racism = Race predjudice + power

3. We prioritize Bodichitta: loving-kindness and compassion in all of our activities

4. We respect ourselves and each other

5. We listen to ourselves and each other with an open mind and heart

6. We prioritize communicating and giving feedback with loving-kindness, compassion, respect, and clarity, prioritizing feelings and needs language.

7. We practice communal care – don’t struggle alone, ask for help from your community 

8. We remain present and engaged, and practice self-connection/self-inquiry when triggered

9. We are committed to accountability and ownership

10. We offer grace to ourselves and to each other

11. We honor the humanity of all people and the inherent value of all sentient life.

12. We examine & transform Internalized Racial Oppression

13. We understand there is no quick fix – Transformation and healing from IRO is ongoing and is a life-long commitment

14. Our anti-racism work focuses on the effects of White Supremacy. We call a thing, a thing!

15. We enthusiastically commit to “DO THE WORK” and Trust The Process

Internalized Racial Oppression

This information was collated from faculty notes, taken during the 3-Day, Undoing Racism Training, presented by The People’s Institute For Survival and Beyond.

anti racist organization
anti-racist organization
Internalized Racial Inferiority

1. Hypervigilance

2. Fear

3. Anger/Rage

4. Black people protect white feelings to stay safe. Protectionism

5. Colorism & Texturism – light-skinned people having privilege; “good” hair vs “bad” (tightly coiled) hair

6. Shame

7. Exaggerated invisibility

8. Helplessness

9. Addictive Behaviors

10. Imposter Syndrome

11. Self doubt – always in trouble

12. Not enough

13. Can’t Move Freely

14. Exceptionalism

15. Not worthy of being alive

anti-racist organization
Manifestations of Internalized Racial Superiority:

1. Superiority

2. Perfectionism

3. Fear

4. Sense of urgency

5. Competition

6. Individualism

7. Myth of meritocracy

8. Professionalism

9. Resentment – projects blame

10. Purposeful ignorance, white innocence, denial

11. Rationalization

12. Justification

13. Arrogance

14. Shame – should have already mastered everything

15. Fragility 

16. Defensiveness

17. White Savior Complex

18. Exceptionalism

What it means to be an Anti-Racist Organization