IATE Certification Application

Apply For Phase 2 Of The Authentic Tantra® Certification Program Below!

This application must be submitted after all 13 sessions of the Phase 1 (Tantra Mastery) Training Program have been completed.

Once your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email from the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education with a link to schedule your consultation with two members of our board. If you do not receive your confirmation email please check your spam folder and/or email us at info@authentictantra.com for additional support.

Program costs and IATE-provided payment plans can be found in the 2023 Certification Program Syllabus.

Need Financing?

We are excited to announce our partnership with Gratify Financing which means you get more options and no financing fee!

Here is the breakdown of options below:

PHASE 2 Pricing until July 1st 2023:
Cost for Modules 102, 201 + 202
BIPOC PHASE 2 Pricing until July 1st:
Cost for Modules 102, 201 + 202

NOTE: For our full pricing chart which includes Ubiquity University pricing for MA/Ph.d options CLICK HERE!

Phase 2 In- house Payment Information and Options

Phase 2 payment options for the 2024 ATCP for early registration until July 1st.


OPTION 1: ONE Time Payment upon registration:

  • $10,500 USD Phase 2 Tuition
  • $500 USD IT5T 102
  • TOTAL TUITION: $11,000 USD
One-time payment of $11,000 USD (by check, bank transfer, or credit card) 

OPTION 2: Deposit upon registration + Balance due by 9/1/23:

  • TOTAL TUITION: $11,000 USD


$2500 deposit upon registration

$8500 due by 9/1/23 (by check, bank transfer or credit card) 


OPTION 3: 17-Month Payment Plan: 

  • TUITION: $11,000 USD
  • $1000 USD Financing Fee
  • TOTAL TUITION: $12,000 USD
$706 per month for 17 months starting June 2023 and ending October 2024.
PLEASE NOTE: these prices do NOT include the costs associated with your in-person training modules. In-person training costs are billed separately. 100% of all funds go directly to the event center to cover the costs of food and accommodations. Please review our program syllabus HERE for a full breakdown of all program costs.





To receive financing please fill out the application below (under payment options select the box indicating financing).

Here’s your process for enrollment:

1. Complete the Phase 2 application below.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you require 3rd party financing, please indicate that on the application and follow the link in your confirmation email to schedule your financing consultation with our Director of Financing, Brion Craig.
Once your financing arrangements have been confirmed, please proceed to step 2.
If you do not require additional financing, please proceed to step 2 now.
2. Schedule your admissions consultation.
Once you have completed your application you will receive a link via email or text to schedule your admissions consult. During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet with Devi and Dr. Erickson to review your Phase 2 application, discuss the details of the next phase of your training, confirm your preferred payment options, and answer any questions you may have. 
3. Once you have been accepted into the program and confirmed your payment arrangements, you will be issued a formal acceptance letter, student enrollment contract, and certification service agreements for review and signature. Your enrollment is complete when your first payment has been made and the paperwork signed.
At this stage, you will be enrolled in the IT5T 102 self-study portion of your training. 
4. Once your registration process is complete you can relax and enjoy your self-study modules until the Phase 2 registration ends Dec. 1st, 2023.  At this point, you will begin receiving information and instructions for accessing the next portion of your training.

Authentic Tantra Certification Program Application Questions:

Please fill out the following application in its entirety