Letting go of Painful Relationships with isa Maria

Devi is celebrating her birthday with her Non-Violent/Compassionate Communication Mentor, isa Maria.
Join the fun as they answer your questions about sexual communication, asking for what you want in bed, how to quiet that inner critic, and letting go of painful relationships.


Find out:

  • How to compassionately communicate with your partner
  • How to ask for what you want/need in the bedroom
  • What it takes to let go of the pain in a relationship
  • The difference between compassionate communication and non-violent communication
  • How to hold space for yourself AND your partner

About isa Maria


isa Maria facilitates NVC practice groups and gives private sessions. She enjoys seeing individuals make profound breakthroughs and troubled relationships transform into authentic intimacy and mutuality. For isa, NVC is a spiritual practice that fosters ecstatic living and deeply satisfying interconnection.


What people say about isa Maria:

“isa is a miracle worker. We could never have gotten through that conversation without her, not in a million years. I am eternally grateful. Her combination of skillfulness, heart, sensitivity, and deep devotion are consistently amazing.” …… Joan Levy, Therapist


“isa has an incredibly deep connection to herself and to Spirit. She is genuinely happy.” ….. Fernando Severi, Mankind Project


Find out more about Isa at:
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