Financing Options

Registration is NOW open!

Registration for the 2024-2025 class is NOW OPEN through June 1st 2024.

SAVE $250 on our financing fee (normally $500) when register between now and April 1st.

New (interest-free) extended payment plans are available below.

3rd Party Financing is available for US and Canadian Students through Gratify!

Gratify offers payment plans from 6 months – 2 years at a fixed interest rate with no hard credit pull.

in-house extended payment plans


Quarterly Installments

$ 2500
6 Quarterly Payments
  • Every 3 months for 18 months
  • Total Tuition: $15k USD
  • Financing Fee Waived!


Monthly payment plan

$ 765
17 Monthly Payments
+ Deposit
  • 1st Payment: $2250 Deposit
  • Total Tuition: $15k USD
  • Includes $500 $250 Financing Fee



Quarterly with BIPOC Scholarship

$ 2084
6 Quarterly Payments
+ Deposit
  • $1500 deposit upon registration
  • Total Tuition: $14k USD
  • Financing Fee Waived!


Monthly with BIPOC Scholarship

$ 750
17 Monthly Payments
+ Deposit
  • 1st Payment: $1500 deposit
  • Total Tuition: $14k USD
  • Includes $500 $250 Financing Fee


Please Note: Canadian Students can put down a Deposit for their first payment in order to lower monthly payments if desired.

CAD Payment Plan

Monthly Payment Plan in CAD

$ 1084
18 Monthly Payments
  • Total Tuition: $19,250 CAD
  • Includes $500 $250 Financing Fee


Monthly with BIPOC Scholarship

$ 1028
18 Monthly Payments
(BIPOC Scholarship)
  • Total Tuition: $18,250 CAD
  • Includes $500 $250 Financing Fee

Current Program Pricing Chart:

If you desire financing or our in-house payment plan please check this option on your application.

Our government-mandated refund policy can be found HERE

Current program prices are outlined below in both USD and CAD:

Program 2024-2025 USD 2024-2025 CAD
IT5T 101 (Phase 1) $5,000 $4000 $6,500 $5,500
Admin/processing fee (non-refundable) $250 $250
IT5T 102 (Phase 1.5) $1000 $500 $1250 $750
AT5T 201 + 202 (Phase 2) $10,500 ($500 non-refundable admin fee) $13,000 ($500 non-refundable admin fee)
Embodiment Training (in-person) $2,000 $1500 $2,000 $1500 (USD)**
Certification Training (in-person) $2,000 $1500 $2,000 $1500 (USD)**
Total for Entire IATE Program $18,000 $22,250
Ubiquity University Pricing MA/Ph.D*** MA: $5000
Ph.D: $15000
MA/Ph.D: $16,600
*varies by current exchange rate
Ph.D: $33,000
MA/Ph.D: $34,600
*varies by current exchange rate

*A $1,000 BIPOC Scholarship automatically applied to all BIPOC applicants

**In-person training module fees are billed separately, in addition to tuition.

In-person training fees cover the cost of room and board during the entire in-person event. Due to the event location, fees are billed in USD for all students. The current exchange rate for CAD students will be applied at the time of payment.

***Cost of Ubiquity Courses is NOT included in IATE program fees. All UU Fees are paid directly to Ubiquity University.

Note: Payment plans and financing are available. All Payment plans include a non-refundable administrative processing fee.

Yes! We understand life happens and/or this may not be the correct tantric path for you. Your payment plan will be cancelled upon withdrawal from the program and any outstanding balance will be allocated according to our government mandated refund policy. 

This is the advantage of working with a government accredited training institute. Our policy is reviewed and approved by an outside agency committed to ensuring consumer protections.

Yes! You can make a one time payment for Phase 1 ONLY if you would like. Please note we do not currently have in-house payment plans for Phase 1 only, however 3rd party financing is available for that if needed.

No! Our master’s degree/Ph.d. option is completely optional. You will still be a certified Tantra Practitioner once you finish Phase 2  with the option to move on to an advanced degree if you feel called to.

Join the 2024-2025 Class!

The Authentic Tantra® Certification program is designed specifically for those who are PASSIONATE about liberating themselves and their communities from the shackles of sexual ignorance, guilt, fear, and shame, and who value the integrity of having time-tested, authentic, lineage-based methods for healing, transformation, and personal growth.