JJ Brawley PSA

Public Notice Regarding “Tantra Teacher” JJ Brawley: Buyer BEWARE!

Please note ~ IATE is choosing to post this as a public service. Because this person continues to misrepresent themselves as being affiliated with 5 Element Tantra, and there is currently no regulatory board in the field of modern Tantra to whom we can report unethical and harmful conduct on the part of so-called “Tantra Teachers” in North America, we as ethical practitioners are left to fend for ourselves when encountering harmful and abusive behavior by other practitioners in the field.

Stealing or appropriating the intellectual property of other practitioners is not only unethical and illegal, but it is also a CONSENT violation and should be addressed as such.

On December 1st, 2022 I was notified that Neo-Tantra Teacher, JJ Brawley has been falsely representing himself as a “5 Element Tibetan Tantra Practitioner” and hosting a “5 Element Tantric Massage” workshop, after having attended my Tibetan 5 Element Tantra Meditation Training in April/May of 2022.

I reached out to JJ to communicate that by doing this, he was in violation of my terms of service, and therefore, my CONSENT, and asked him how he would like to rectify this situation.

He responded by telling me the following:

“I have had many Tantra Teachers over the last 2 decades and have noted that many of the teachings are very similar from one teacher to the next.  While there may be some similarities in what we teach and offer to your own; I haven’t actually taken any classes with you to know exactly how similar they are.”




And yet, as of June 18th, 2022, TWO WEEKS after the completion of my Tibetan 5 Element Tantra Training, JJ Brawley has been promoting and representing himself as a 5 Element Tibetan Tantra Practitioner in his professional Bio.

When presented with evidence that he HAD in fact taken our class (and we had documentation to prove it), he continued to deny, revise, alter, and finally admit that yes, he had in fact attended “a few” classes with me, and this is why he began referring to himself as a “5 Element Tibetan Tantra Practitioner”, even though his initial statement to me clearly stated that “I haven’t actually taken any classes with you”.

In the 48 hours I interacted with JJ Brawley there has been a clear and deeply disturbing pattern of gaslighting, blatant, outright, provable LYING, attempts to “cover his tracks” by changing specific aspects of his profile, and a deeply disturbing degree of cognitive dissonance, all of which indicate to me that JJ Brawley is NOT SAFE or qualified to be teaching “Tantra” or working in the field of sexuality, in any capacity whatsoever.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse and manipulation. When asked to address and rectify a very clear consent violation with me, instead of demonstrating a willingness for accountability and repair, JJ Brawley proceeded to gaslight, lie, and attempt to manipulate me.

This is abusive behavior that is especially concerning as it revolves around a CONSENT violation.

As stated above – Because there are currently no governing bodies overseeing this, as ethical practitioners we are left to fend for ourselves against this type of abuse and misconduct. Therefore, I created this video which outlines, in detail, the misconduct and unethical behavior of JJ Brawley, so that we as a community can be forewarned and take appropriate protective measures.


Watch the full story below:

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