How do you integrate the practice of Tantra without absorbing potentially harmful cis-heteronormative narratives?

This episode is for radical anti-assimilationists, those who want to get past the trauma stories of linen pants, and those who know enlightenment doesn’t happen by turning a blind eye to pain, suffering, and the oppressed.

Join Devi Ward Erickson and her guest TK as they discuss Queering Tantra and what that looks like.


In this episode find out…

  • queering the language of tantra – deciding whether we want to use terms like feminine/masculine, top/bottom, receiving/giving
  • how to integrate body pleasure and ways of dealing with dysmorphia
  • how kink can help-deliberate immediate presence vs open empty space
  • what it means to be fiercely vulnerable with language you choose
  • how to create and use your own terms
  • tantra as an integrated lifestyle: breathing life and presence into all you do



TK (they/he) is a non-binary transmasc certified Authentic Tantra practitioner of 5 years with a passion for unabashedly sharing who they are with the world. With a strong belief that doing so can bring about transformation and the reclamation of pleasure, they integrate this way of being in all they do.

They are also a Certified Athletic Trainer, and have been an athlete for as long as he can remember and in the athletic healthcare field for over 8 years. Worth mentioning: he is a sex activist-dedicated to reshaping the way the world thinks about sex, kink, gender, sexual appetites, and pleasure creation for ourselves and others. He is also a rock climber, dancer, boxer, handyman, mover, singer, and general shaker. They have danced on booty crews, performed in multiple bands, and will likely talk to you about it all.

Find out more about TK on their website HERE

Connect with TK on Insta HERE

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