ReBlooming Your Sexuality from the Soil Up

Most people focus on… sex… to try to grow healthier sexualities. But what if focusing on worthiness and receptivity, healthy boundaries and sharing your heart are the real secrets to mind-melting bliss and reblooming your sexuality?

In this episode of Sex Is Medicine, Devi speaks with trauma resolution educator, Rachael Maddox about:

  • The 7 archetypes for post-traumatic growth, and how you can call on them for your sexual liberation
  • The top 3 things to know if you’re a coach, healer or guide working with someone who has sexual trauma
  • Boundaries as a gateway to bliss: do you know your yucks and yums?
  • What inner-kid healing and ReBlooming Your Sexuality have in common
  • Breaking the collective sexual trauma spell: why your personal sexual healing is political!


Join us for this enriching conversation about sexuality, humanity, and personal + collective growth!


Watch the Interview below:


Rachael Maddox is a trauma resolution educator, author, coach and guide who’s helped hundreds of humans move from sexual, complex or developmental trauma into pleasure, power and trust-filled relationships. Author of Secret Bad Girl: A Sexual Trauma Memoir and Resolution Guide, and the upcoming book ReBloom: A Soulful System for Post-Traumatic Growth in Sex, Love and Society – Rachael uses stories and earth-based metaphor to weave together healing methods that are accessible, safe, fun and effective. Known as a leader in the industry, Rachael teaches and mentors experienced coaches, healers and therapists in her year-long trauma resolution program: the ReBloom Coach Training.

Connect with Rachael HERE

Find Rachael on Insta HERE or on FB HERE

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