The Unity Through Diversity Scholarship Fund

Please note there are currently no scholarships available for Tantra Mastery/Phase 1 of the Authentic Tantra Certification Program.

A “Scholarship” of $1000 is automatically applied for ALL Phase 2 BIPOC students. Additional scholarships are currently not available.

Financing options are available CLICK HERE for more info!

Unity Through Diversity

In early 2019 Devi supported her mother (Alexandra E Ward) through the last 6 weeks of her life. During this process, Devi and her mother spoke about their fierce passion for equality and justice. The phrase “Unity Through Diversity” was Alexandra’s guiding principle in life, and is in fact, the reason Devi and her brother were born.

Devi’s parents both believed in the power of love to heal. They believed that bringing together people of different “races” and ethnic backgrounds in the spirit of love, connection, and community, was the key to healing the divisions caused by racism in America.

Devi’s parents believed that she and her brother were living embodiments of this truth. The truth that love can heal and that love can create a better world for all of us.

The Unity Though Diversity scholarship fund was created to fulfill their vision of a better world through the cultivation of communities based in love, connection, and healing.

The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education, the only government accredited institution of its kind in the world, is also one of the few, if not the only training institutions of its kind that offers a range of financial options to facilitate the participation of students from BIPOC and other historically marginalized communities. 

For example, we implemented a third-party financing program for the express purpose of expanding accessibility to our training programs.  For those who are not approved for financing, we offer a 4-month, in-house payment option to ensure that applicants have access to our unique Tantra Mastery training program, notwithstanding their credit scores or other issues that might preclude financing.  Again, for the express purpose of expanding accessibility to BIPOC students, we have waived the administrative fees associated with our 4 payment plan for BIPOC students and instead, the Institute absorbs those costs.  Notably, we also offer a scholarship for all BIPOC students in our Phase II Certification Program and a range of payment plans.  

We share the desire to expand our BIPOC scholarship options and continue to work tirelessly to generate the resources to bring that to pass.  Our continual movement in that direction is a direct result of our deep commitment as an anti-racist Institution to expand accessibility and diversity with regard to students from historically marginalized communities.  


Since 2017 Devi Ward Erickson and IATE have provided over $20,000 in scholarships, which were personally paid for by Devi and IATE.

In 2021 the Institute provided an additional $20,000 in scholarships to BIPOC to complete the 11- month Authentic Tantra Certification Program.

We appreciate your donation and look forward to making our training programs even more accessible to communities in need of healing.

We invite YOU, our online community, to contribute to a better world by making the government accredited holistic healing modality of Authentic Tantra® more accessible to those communities who are most in need of healing.