Join Devi and Soul Coach, Baljit Rayat for a sensual exploration into the true power of sex and how it connects you in learning how to harness your co-creative power with the universe to manifest your creative gifts into reality.


You will discover the #1 block that causes co-creation to not happen and how being in toxic relationships can affect your sexual co-creative power.


In this episode we discuss:
  •  Sexual vampirism – what it is and how to protect yourself
  •  The signs you are in sexually disconnected & disempowered relationships
  •  How to heal sexual disconnection
  •  How to recognize sexual co-creation, what it is and how to harness this co-creative power
  •  What being in an empowered and loving relationship really looks like
  •  PLUS so much more…



Baljit Rayat is the founder of Lotus Destiny™ and Creator of the Lotus Destiny Star Activation™ system, an Intuitive Soul Coach, Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher who powerfully connects You to your Soul’s Purpose, your creative gifts and talents so you can bring your dreams into reality.

Baljit has been doing Akashic Records readings since 2006 and has served thousands of people globally assisting them to attracting healthy relationships with men, women, and sensuality. She is also an Intuitive Soul Coach with her exclusive Creative Visionary Star Activation™ programs to assist women and men to tap into their authentic power, live their passion and create a living out of it.
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2 Responses

  1. I am once again mind blown by the level of powerful insight here. This discussion covered so many areas, that spoke directly to myself and not only was I able to hear clearly, I was able to hear something of a directive, letting me know that there is hopefulness and bliss in the other end of these challenging times we can find ourselves in sexually and spiritually.

    1. Oh thank you so much for sharing. We are delighted to know you enjoyed this discussion. Thanks for tuning in!

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