Join Devi and Holistic Educator Julie Archambault and learn how to “sex up your life” in this fascinating and revealing portrait of sex.

Everyone is dealing with something —and that something has a lot to teach you about yourself. Sex Up Your Life offers a unique Continuum of Connection for Sex— brought to life by collected stories of struggle and triumph— to guide you from destructive disconnect to blissful sexual connection, and offer you a whole new possibility for sex in your life.


Find out:

  • What the Sex Continuum is
  • Integration and fragmenting sex
  • The layers to our wholeness
  • What we decide to engage in our sexual relationships
  • PLUS! Learn about Julie’s upcoming book and the Sex Up Your Life Soiree!


Watch the interview below…


Julie Archambault is a holistic teacher, storyteller, and writer of soon to be published Sex Up Your Life: The Mind-Blowing Path to True Intimacy, Healing, and Hope. A relationships, empowerment, and innovation coach, Julie is the founder of CoCreativeSex — a wellness business committed to powerful lives, powerful relationships, and powerful sex. She has made Vancouver, its coastlines, and sunsets her place of happy dwelling.

Praise for Sex Up Your Life:

“A true masterpiece that encourages readers to uncover the truth about their relationship to sex. The premise is that we can only heal our sexual issues if we look at the shadow side of sex squarely in the eye. This remarkable work does exactly that, covering everything from pornography to sexual abuse trauma. But then—Julie takes us a leap year further. She shows us that by examining our sexual wounds, we can transform sex into a means for enlightenment. I fully recommend this evolutionary approach to sexual healing.”

—Cyndi Dale, author of 27 bestselling books including The Subtle Body series and Energetic Boundaries


“In our high speed lives, where what’s authentic and what’s fake are obscured, and fear of failure, climate change, political leaders, dating apps and each other, can lead to mushrooming anxiety—relationships to ourselves and each other may feel like permanent states of being adrift, often in despair. In Sex Up Your Life, Julie Archambault has paved a new and exciting path back to our natural state of health, harmony and happiness through the most overlooked portal: good sex. Compassionate, deeply researched and peppered with fascinating stories, this book is the reliable empowerment companion we’ve been missing. Read it, do the exercises and pass it on—the sexed up journey can transform us, and the world, in the most gratifying ways.”

—Caia Hagel, co-author of Girl Positive and co-founding editor-in-chief of SOFA magazine


“A brilliant commentary on the dark side of sex, the sexually derived wounds we carry and sex as the most powerful tool to awakening. Julie Archambault has done her research and presents her work in a colorful and lively way, masterfully interwoven with the occasional trigger warning as she leaves no stone unturned.”

—Catherine Mellon, online business coach for female entrepreneurs

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