Last week my friend and colleague, Vayne Thomas asked me to do a Facebook Live event to answer the question “Why is the church so horny”?

Vayne is the son of a Pastor, and has seen first hand the dilemmas that face many spiritual organizations when sexuality is not consciously integrated into spiritual practice.

As I explain in this video, whenever sexuality is viewed as something OTHER than a natural, healthy, human NEED –  that disconnect is literally traumatizing to the psyche.

Going a step further, when we understand that sexual pleasure is literally one of the fastest, most direct pathways to experiencing the Bliss of Ultimate Consciousness, we understand that our sexual desire – the desire for sexual union –  is a MIRROR of our desire for union with GOD.

(Or the Divine, or Buddha, or whatever word means infinite benevolent creator of all things.)

The human energy system AND physiology is hardwired for sexual pleasure to be a gateway to transcendent states of consciousness.

As I describe in my book “Shake Your Soul Song! A Woman’s Guide to Self-Empowerment Through The Art of Self-Pleasure,” what happens in the brain during orgasm is phenomenal!

During the experience of orgasm, there is an increase in the slow brain waves such as Delta and Theta waves. This is important because Delta brainwaves provide us with access to that part of our consciousness described as “Universal”, “Collective” or “God consciousness”, while it is that Theta waves allow us to access a sense of deep spiritual connection and unity with the universe can be experienced.

All of this points to the very REAL fact that our sexual pleasure is directly linked to our spiritual consciousness, and to deny ourselves sexual desire is to deny ourselves connection to our infinite, universal self.

Perhaps this is why the “church is so horny”, and why it is so damaging (and dangerous!) for spiritual traditions to repress, deny, manipulate, or control human sexual desire.


Listen to my 30 minute conversation with Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner, Vayne Thomas about the spirituality of sexual desire and pleasure!

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  1. Sooooooooooo great! OMG! Devi and Van, you are both so clear and articulate about this topic! I had a ah-ha moment when you talked about negative reaction as an outward expression of the pain as we move through the process of healing. I realize my current experience of backing up is just that. Thank you both so much for the work you’re doing. Keep teaching the world!

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