Because of the dysfunctional relationship our society has with sex, most, if not all members of our society have some sort of wounding around sexuality. But our sexuality does not occur in a vacuum, and many of the issues that affect our everyday life, such as racism, microaggressions, and intergenerational trauma will also affect our sexual selves.

When it comes to sexual violence, the statistics are staggering. On average, one in three women are victims of intimate partner violence and one in five women are victims of sexual assault.

These numbers underscore the epidemic of sexual violence in the U.S., which disproportionately impact women of color, immigrant women, LGBTQIA+ women, and disabled women.

For African American women, sexual assault and violence are incredibly pervasive issues that routinely go unreported and under-addressed.

  • Over eighteen percent of African American Women WILL be sexually assaulted in her lifetime.
  • Only 1 out 15 Black women who are raped will report the assault.
  • Statistics show that Black women who
    report crimes of sexual assault or violence are less likely to be believed than their white counterparts.
  • Men found guilty of raping Black women receive shorter sentences than men found guilty of raping White women



In this episode of Sex Is Medicine, Devi Ward Erickson and Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioners and ACS Certified Sexologists, Ahmane Glover, Candice Anitra, and Sequita Whitfield discuss some of the unique issues that arise for Black women on their journey of sexual healing and empowerment.


In this episode find out:

  • Why is the concept of sexual healing vital for the Black community in America?
  • What are some of the sexual wounds that are specific to Black women?
  • How can Black women support each other in healing?
  • How can Black men support Black women in healing?


Watch the interview below…

About Ahmane’ Glover

Ahmane’ Glover lives on the edge of intense creative energy. She craves passion, joy and limitless possibilities for personal and communal wellness. When the world says, “give up,” the rhythm of her life says, “create change!” She is a spoken word artist, cultural organizer, tantrika, sexologist and holistic trauma informed facilitator of healing committed to creating innovative strategies to heal social division and ignite social change. Her sacred mission is to activate the power of the arts for communal healing and liberatory movements.


Learn more about Ahmane’ HERE

About Candice Anitra

Candice Anitra (she/they) has a BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and is a Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioner and ACS Certified Sexologist, now based outside of New York City in the Lower Hudson Valley.


After years as a left-of-soul alien pop singer-songwriter and educator, more recent roles in counseling, sexology and tantra intersect around topics of sensation/pleasure cultivation and somatic healing, which have helped Candice navigate ancestral trauma in a black body, a theme that has been ever present in Candice’s work.


Candice is dedicated to unlearning and dismantling anti-blackness and systems of oppression and to working with those ready to weave the creative life force energy that is their sexuality with their spirituality and daily ways of being.


Learn more about Candice HERE

About Sequieta Whitfield

Sequieta Whitfield B.A. is a Certified Sexologist specializing in Authentic Tantra®, Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioner & Certified in Lomi Lomi Massage. She is a highly sought-after Retreat Coordinator/Event Planner and Workshop Facilitator and owner of Simply-Tantra based in San Diego, CA.

Learn more about Sequieta HERE

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