Sexual Shamanism in the Tantric Tradition

The Tibetan Tantric tradition is rich with imagery which symbolizes the inherent unity of “masculine” and “feminine” universal energies.

In the Tibetan Tantric tradition the “feminine” is recognized as all that which is tangible and accessible through our 5 senses; sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. 

The “masculine” is recognized as conceptual awareness, thought, and the essence of consciousness itself.

It is said that the Dakini (female Buddha) and her Consort (male Buddha) are in inseparable union (sexually joined) with each supporting and enriching one another. It is through their blissful sexual connection that full realization, enlightenment, healing of obscurations, and balance are achieved.

Far from being just symbolic, these images also contain instructions for accomplished practitioners to use while engaging in Tibetan Buddhist sexual yoga practices.

As an accomplished Vajrayana Tantra practitioner, I regard these Thangkas (such as the one pictured above this post), not just as clear evidence and validation of Tibetan Tantric sexual yoga practices, but also as instruction manuals for how to engage in some of the higher anuttara tantra yoga practices of our lineage.

You may have noticed that there is a lot of controversy regarding whether or not traditional/classical Tantra does in fact include sexual teachings.

It is always wise to examine who is most alarmed or resistant to the suggestion of sexual Tantra, and what type of wounding may be hiding in the background of their resistance.

The topic of sexuality is extremely uncomfortable for the average North American. It is even more so for the monastic who has been taught to view his sexuality as a “demonic” influence and the vagina as an object of revulsion and fear.

Many Western spiritual practitioners and “Teachers” also have unprocessed sexual wounding, which may cause them to dismiss or invalidate sexual teachings contained within traditional Tantric scriptures.

The influence of this unprocessed sexual wounding residing within teachers/leaders of traditional/classical Tantra, monks, and practitioners adds to the controversy, misinformation,  and confusion regarding what tantra actually IS as an applied practice, and whether or not the different traditions do in fact include sexual teachings which can benefit us in our modern lives.

Our root Lama, Lama Tashi Dundrup has been an ordained Lama in the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism for OVER 40 years. As a householder, as opposed to a renunciate or monk, he has been empowered to fully embrace his human sexuality and has received instruction in how to utilize that energy for the purpose of realization.

In this video, he shares his views on Sexual shamanism and the purpose of sexual Tantra according to the Tibetan tradition of Tantric Buddhism, and how this leads to enlightenment.
Devi Ward Tantra Podcast

Written by Devi Ward Erickson

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