become the sexy badass goddess you were meant to be!

Join Devi and Lady Shepsa as they discuss how to release the “good girl” you were told to be and become the sexy badass goddess you were meant to be.


During this healing and deep conversation you will learn:

  • The myth of the “good girl” and where it originates
  • Why being “nice” is whack and takes you out of alignment with your authentic self
  • How Black women can step into their sexual power and not worry about respectability politics
  • The power of sexual energy to bring liberation and self definition
  • The need for sexual sovereignty in every yoni owner
  • The importance of being connected to your desire
  • The power of orgasm to awaken divinity and heal

AND of course How to Be a Sexy Badass Goddess!


Watch the full Interview below!

About Lady Shepsa

Lady Shepsa is a teacher, author, life coach, mother and “juju woman”—one who taps into her magical powers for healing and manifestation. As a sacred femininity healer, she helps women who feel non-orgasmic, shutdown and overburdened with the stressors of life, find bliss and fulfillment through connecting with their sacred sexual energy and divine feminine power.

She has spent over ten years studying the spiritual sciences of the African Diaspora, China and India. Through the study of Tantra and sacred sexuality, Shepsa has reconnected to the goddess within her and assists other women to do the same in her coaching programs and retreats. She is a published author of three books, a poetry book called The Goddess Pages and two self-help book for women called: Happy and Healed, Five Steps to Getting Over ANY Man and Finding the Love You Deserve and Nice For What?! How To Go From Being A Good Girl To A Badass Goddess.

Shepsa is a certified yoga teacher and certified Sacred Femininity Facilitator from Tao Tantric Arts. Shepsa is also licensed massage therapist. Through her company Let Go Let Goddess she guides women on a journey to their highest self, their inner goddess to discover a life of bliss.

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