Activate a Soul Powered Partnership

Devi Ward Erickson discusses how to eliminate the unhealthy, codependent themes in relationships and activate a Soul Powered Partnership in order to thrive in your Love, Life and Legacy with The Edge Co-Creative Founders – Silver & Georgia.


Find out:

  • How past emotional wounds and traumas affect adult relationships, the challenges and the opportunities to go deeper
  • Why endless self help, therapy and quick fix tips and tools don’t activate a soul powered partnership
  • The essence of ‘Radical Truth’ in love, sex and money
  • The power of awareness, releasing the past and repatterning the mind and body to experience true intimacy and our proven method – Embodied Learned Intimacy that will get you there quick.
  • How to activate, and celebrate Love Leadership = Stop bumping into the circumstances of your love life.


Watch the interview below:


About Georgia and Silver

Silver and Georgia make up The Edge Co-Creative now known as Love Life Legacy and share their message of Soul Powered Partnership free from Co-dependency and Unhealthy relationship patterns that plague men and women. Their work is elevating men and women beyond their core struggles, emotional wounds and triggers which provides more fully aligned relationships- sexuality-career goals and money mindset. Their mission to Liberate Humanity from Isolation to Belonging is supporting professional men and women in the possibility of building epic aligned visions , mission and ambitions free from the burden of their past so they can live their legacy now.

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