7 Keys for Great Clitoral Orgasms

Clitoral Orgasms are only one of the over 11 different kinds of orgasms for Yoni Owners. They also tend to be the most easily accessible type of orgasm, for a large percentage of yoni owners. That being said- many women complain that this type of orgasm often feels very “shallow”, and does not leave them […]

The 11 Different Orgasms for Women

How Devi Went From Non-Orgasmic to Multi-Orgasmic! Did you know that women are capable of AT LEAST 11 different kinds of orgasm? Did you also know that 40-70% of women have difficulty achieving any kind of orgasm at all? If women are capable of such amazing sexual pleasure, why is it that so few women are experiencing […]

4 Tantric Secrets for Vaginal Orgasms

Vaginal orgasms are like the holy grail of sex. They are so elusive to so many women that Western science actually states only 7% of women are able to orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. Before Tantra I too believed that vaginal orgasms were a myth, available only to the few lucky unicorn- type women roaming […]

Why Orgasm Is Not The Goal

We talk a lot about orgasms here at IATE. The over 11 different orgasms for yoni owners and multiple, full body, non-ejaculatory orgasm for lingam owners are some of our favorite topics. We talk about orgasm as a spiritual path and the fact that every orgasm IS a glimpse of enlightenment. But the interesting thing about orgasms […]

How I Healed Chronic Pain With Tantric Masturbation

I have been practicing the shamanistic healing practices of the Tibetan 5 Elements woven with the sacred sexual yoga of Tantric Masturbation for over a decade now, and I continue to be blown away by the depth of the somatic healing process that ensues from using these methods. The underlying belief of the Tibetan 5 […]