Does Size Matter?

Join Devi Ward and sexual health and fitness expert Montique Stephon, as they discuss whether penis size matters and the benefits of the SoTight Sexual Fitness!  Find out:  If penis size really matters  How to pleasure your partner no matter what size you are  The different types of “strokes” you can use during sex for […]

Sexual Fantasy Exploration

Join Devi and Tammeron,  as they discuss sexual fantasy exploration and discovering sexual personality archetypes.Listen in as they explore Devi’s secret sexual fantasy and uncover her Erotic Personality Archetype! Discover your own sexual personality, and perhaps unveil an archetype that you didn’t know existed!  In this episode you will learn: How to activate the fun […]

4 Step Tantric Intimacy Practice for Couples

The Classical Tantric Buddhist texts “The Yogini Tantras” describe intimate relationships between men and women as “treasures”, and outline various intimacy practices for enhancing sexual pleasure and utilizing that energy for the healing and spiritual realization of both partners. It is also clearly stated in these texts that LOVE between the two parties is what fuels […]

Tantra and Porn, can they be friends?

Pornography is a topic of much debate. Some say it is degrading to women and fosters unhealthy sexual habits. Other people say that demonizing porn also demonizes the sex workers who choose to work in porn, and stigmatizes work that they may find empowering and joyful. I have spoken publicly about some of my personal […]