The Difference Between Orgasm and Ejaculation

Many people aren’t aware that orgasm and ejaculation are actually two separate functions of the nervous system, in male-bodied beings. Orgasm can be defined in many ways. Some schools of sexuality define orgasm as a “peak” of pleasure. Some schools define orgasm as an expansion of energy throughout the channels of the energy body. Conventional […]

The Magical Power Of Semen Retention!

We receive a lot of questions about semen retention for men. Many of these questions are regarding the semen retention methods for ejaculation control that we teach in our online Sexual Mastery For Men Training Programs. What most people don’t realize is that lasting longer, achieving semen retention without holds, and experiencing non-ejaculatory orgasms is […]

Semen Retention And How It Will Change Your Life

What is Semen Retention? Semen Retention as taught by Authentic Tantra Practitioners, is the practice of separating orgasm from ejaculation. Ancient philosophies and medical practices from Asia and India have long claimed that semen retention leads to better health and longer life. Semen, which is in essence the very life-force of a man, must be […]