Female Ejaculation – Fact or Fiction?

What is Female Ejaculation and where does it come from? Is it something every woman can do, or just a special few? What’s it made from, and is it safe and healthy to ingest?Listen in as Devi Ward discusses Female Ejaculation-Facts & Fiction, with Sexual Researcher, Art Noble. Find out the science behind female ejaculation, where it comes […]

Can Female Ejaculation Help Prevent Cancer?

It is a well documented fact that sexual pleasure and orgasms enrich our physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health. Physiologically, orgasms are known to boost the immune system, enhance productivity, increase social skills, and are a veritable “fountain of youth and beauty” for men and women world-wide. But, did you know that female ejaculation […]

The 4 Types of Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation is a topic of much confusion and debate in the world of sex education. This might be because there are actually 4 different kinds of female nectar that can be emitted during high states of sexual arousal and orgasm. These four types of female ejaculation can be broken down into 2 types of urethral […]