How To Access Your Full Pleasure Potential for Healing!

As our society continues to struggle with the impact of the virus, we will continue emphasizing the important role that pleasure plays in regulating the nervous system and boosting immunity. Here are 6 concrete tools for accessing your full pleasure potential: 1 – Look for your 10 spot in every moment and every activity. Ask […]

The Healing Power of Cervical Orgasms!

Your cervix, (if you happen to be fortunate enough to have one) is a potential wonderland of exquisite sexual sensation. The cervix is one of the few organs of the body to boast triple innervation, with the hypogastric, pelvic, and vagus nerve all contributing pressure sensitive pathways to this erogenous zone. In fact, your cervix […]

Female Ejaculation – Fact or Fiction?

What is Female Ejaculation and where does it come from? Is it something every woman can do, or just a special few? What’s it made from, and is it safe and healthy to ingest?Listen in as Devi Ward discusses Female Ejaculation-Facts & Fiction, with Sexual Researcher, Art Noble. Find out the science behind female ejaculation, where it comes […]

Can Female Ejaculation Help Prevent Cancer?

It is a well documented fact that sexual pleasure and orgasms enrich our physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health. Physiologically, orgasms are known to boost the immune system, enhance productivity, increase social skills, and are a veritable “fountain of youth and beauty” for men and women world-wide. But, did you know that female ejaculation […]

The True Purpose of Sex is Transcendence!

I often cry after a really great orgasm. My heart feels blown open by the powerful release of pleasure, and any emotional residue I have been carrying up until that point is washed away by the flood of bliss which infuses my mind and body.   Which is exactly what is supposed to happen, according […]

What Gets in the Way of Your Pleasure? Top 3 Blocks to Bliss!

One of my absolute favorite things to teach people about are the over 11 different kinds of female orgasm. I love sharing this information not so that we as women can feel inadequate or broken in anyway if we are not experiencing all of these flavors of bliss, nor am I attempting to set a […]

The 4 Types of Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation is a topic of much confusion and debate in the world of sex education. This might be because there are actually 4 different kinds of female nectar that can be emitted during high states of sexual arousal and orgasm. These four types of female ejaculation can be broken down into 2 types of urethral […]

How I Healed Chronic Pain With Tantric Masturbation

I have been practicing the shamanistic healing practices of the Tibetan 5 Elements woven with the sacred sexual yoga of Tantric Masturbation for over a decade now, and I continue to be blown away by the depth of the somatic healing process that ensues from using these methods. The underlying belief of the Tibetan 5 […]

The Great Orgasm Debate! Vaginal Vs. Clitoral Orgasms

For some reason, male sex researchers have chosen to research and publish articles declaring  there is no such thing as vaginal orgasms, and that the clitoris is the sole provider of female sexual pleasure. This medical declaration by someone who does not actually own a vagina serves to invalidate the experience of myself and thousands of […]