Sex and Self Growth with Marni Spencer-Devlin

Join Devi as she speaks with Bestselling Author, Marni Spencer Devlin about the power of sexuality to connect us with our Soul and push us further on the path of self growth. People are in pain because they live lives that are too small for who they really are. They are caught up in in […]

5 Ways To Know If Tantra Is Right For You!

Several years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Yoga expert, Satya Kalra on my Podcast, “Sex Is Medicine with Devi Ward”.  We spoke about why and how Yoga can improve your relationships, and of course, your sex life. A major point that arose several times throughout our conversation was that the  practice of “Yoga” […]

Sexual Healing = Self-Empowerment:The Relationship Between Sex & Self-Worth

If you had asked me at the beginning of my Tantra journey 13+ years ago what “sexual healing” meant to me, I would have looked at you in confusion, blushed with embarrassment, and tried to change the subject. I, just like everyone else I knew, found the topic of sex to be intriguing, somewhat bewildering, […]