3 Ways to Use Porn as Medicine!

Pornography use is a controversial topic and one that I have had mixed feelings about over the years. On one hand, there are certain types of mainstream porn that promote what I consider to be “unhealthy” sexual habits and dynamics. On the other hand, I support sex workers and celebrate human beings having full (consensual) […]

How Your Pleasure Is A Political Act

“Your Ad has been denied. Ads may not promote pornography of any kind, etc. etc. etc.” Once again, my attempts to promote my work and my “message” of freeing ourselves from the shackles of sexual shame, had been thwarted. Ironic? Yes, I think that applies in this case. From social media networks like Facebook and […]

Tantra and Porn, can they be friends?

Pornography is a topic of much debate. Some say it is degrading to women and fosters unhealthy sexual habits. Other people say that demonizing porn also demonizes the sex workers who choose to work in porn, and stigmatizes work that they may find empowering and joyful. I have spoken publicly about some of my personal […]