How to Heal Body Shame and Feel More “Body-Love”

Heal body shame

According to recent studies, approximately 91% of cis-gender women are unhappy with their bodies. I too have spent most of my life at war with my physical body, attempting to starve and “cleanse” it into an idealized concept of beauty that only 5% of the population represents. But all that has changed for me recently. […]

3 Differences Between Masturbation and Self-Pleasure

A while back I read an article that described the differences between how men fantasize about cis-gender women masturbating, and how most cis-gender women actually do masturbate. The author (a cis-gender woman) described her masturbation practice as a somewhat haphazard, fast and furtive process. Her description of female masturbation seemed very similar to the way […]

Sexual Healing = Self-Empowerment:The Relationship Between Sex & Self-Worth

If you had asked me at the beginning of my Tantra journey 13+ years ago what “sexual healing” meant to me, I would have looked at you in confusion, blushed with embarrassment, and tried to change the subject. I, just like everyone else I knew, found the topic of sex to be intriguing, somewhat bewildering, […]