7 Keys for Great Clitoral Orgasms

Clitoral Orgasms are only one of the over 11 different kinds of orgasms for Yoni Owners. They also tend to be the most easily accessible type of orgasm, for a large percentage of yoni owners. That being said- many women complain that this type of orgasm often feels very “shallow”, and does not leave them […]

Healing with Tantric Touch!

Did you know that each one of your fingers corresponds to one of the 5 elements? You can use each finger to transfer the healing energy of that element to different areas of your body through mindful touch. In essence, you can heal yourself by using tantric touch and the 5 elements.   For example: […]

5 Step Solo Sexual Healing Session

There is a HUGE difference between a run of the mill masturbation session and a sacred self-pleasure/solo sexual healing session. Not that there’s anything wrong at all with regular ole masturbation, but if that is all you have ever experienced you are very much missing out on the powerful healing aspects of your solo sexy […]

The Art of Self Pleasure & Sex Toy Review!

What’s the difference between self pleasure and masturbation? In this episode Devi discusses the importance of becoming responsible for our own sexual enjoyment, and how we can become personally empowered by the ability to meet our own needs for sexual satisfaction. Devi will also be reviewing some new toys from her FAVORITE sex toy brand […]

3 Differences Between Masturbation and Self-Pleasure

A while back I read an article that described the differences between how men fantasize about cis-gender women masturbating, and how most cis-gender women actually do masturbate. The author (a cis-gender woman) described her masturbation practice as a somewhat haphazard, fast and furtive process. Her description of female masturbation seemed very similar to the way […]